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LETTERS: your views.

Young people visiting city need a decent place to stay

AT THE Venue Youth Arts Project we do a lot of international youth work and youth work training.

In the past year we have worked with 19 young people from Coventry on youth exchanges and have sent more than 15 Coventry-based youth workers and volunteers on training projects abroad.

In July we hosted a group of young people from Marseilles France on a Hip Hop Against Racism exchange. Later this month we are hosting 28 youth and social workers and volunteers from across Europe.

For both of these activities we have had a problem with accommodation. For the group of young people from Marseilles we used a hotel.

With the workers coming at the end of October we have a very small budget and will probably have to use St Paul's Church Hall floor for their accommodation.

Sadly it has come to my attention that the youth residential centre, Kennedy House on Hill Top, will now not be rebuilt as part of the Phoenix Initiative.

The cathedral has informed me that they are fund-raising to build a new Kennedy Centre.

Why, it must be asked, is it necessary to fund-raise when the money is technically already there as part of the Phoenix Initiative?

When dignitaries from across the world come to this amazing city of ours they are often put up in the nice hotels.

All well and good, but this is not suitable for work with young people or those who work with them. Why are the needs of young people being put back yet again?

Nik Paddison,

manager, The Venue,

Youth Arts Project, Lockhurst Lane,


Wrongs of war

THE stated motive behind any invasion of Iraq is to remove weapons of mass destruction.

To impose regime change would be an act of fascism entirely contrary to the principle of the "self-determination of peoples".

Invasion would be an act of Western imperialism with potentially dire consequences on participating nations.

For Britain to go further than the weapons issue would be an act of total foolishness emanating from a presidential arrogance and gullibility and a wholly misconceived, conceited and macho view of our world status.

William G Haymes,

Norfolk Street,

Spon End.

MPs join Amnesty

MID-WARWICKSHIRE Amnesty International group has enlisted the support of our two local MPs James Plaskitt and Andy King in its campaign to stamp out racism, lslamophobia and anti-Semitism across Europe.

The sharp rise in Western Europe of attacks on local religious and cultural centres fuelled by the Middle East crisis and the events of September 11 have underscored the need for members of all communities to stand together.

The two MPs have put their names to the statement which calls for governments not to let racist and anti-immigration policies set the political agenda.

Simon Lieberman,

chairman, Mid-Warwickshire Amnesty, International Group, Suffolk Street,


Excellent care

MY father was admitted to Ward B3 West at Walsgrave Hospital and I wanted to write to tell you how pleased we were with his treatment.

When we arrived at the assessment unit it was obviously extremely busy and the staff very hard pressed, but my father was seen within minutes of our arrival. The nurses and the doctors were efficient, professional and friendly.

We had to wait a long time to be taken to the ward and I could see that the staff maintained the same attitude with each other and with other patients, despite being very busy.

Ward B3 West was also efficient and friendly and I felt confident that my father was being well cared for.

I know that Walsgrave Hospital has been criticised in the past, but I want to thank the staff publicly for their excellent care on this occasion.

Mrs S E Smith,

Holcot Road, Brixworth,


Mrs Joyce Edwards' letter (Your Views, October 10, "Dental Rip Off") should have read that her dental bill was pounds 176 and not pounds 76 as printed.

Ahoy shipmates, come to another reunion

YOU very kindly printed a letter of mine a short while ago, reminding your readers of the British Pacific and East Indies Fleets reunion.

This is held each year to commemorate the signing of the Japanese surrender on September 2, 1945 aboard USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

It also gives those who served together in the Royal Navy, in the Pacific, a chance to get together again.

I have to thank you because as a consequence of the letter we had many attending the annual reunion for the first time. Many shipmates met for the first time in 30, 40 and even 50 years.

This resulted in a very good reunion with a good atmosphere all round and plans are already in place for the next one in September or October 2003.

Anyone who served in the British Pacific and East Indies Fleets on September 2, 1945 is more than welcome to attend.

Send name, address and which ships you were on along with a couple of stamps to:

Michael Crowe,

British Pacific and East Indies Fleet 2003 reunion, Heath Road, Sandown, PO 36 8PG.

Go for gold: Take up my swim challenge

ARE there any readers out there who have not yet taken part in one of my swim challenges?

If so, why not go for gold this November and join the 1,000's of regular swimmers who take part each year.

In this, the year of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, we hope to make the 2002 Gold Swim Challenges - which take place throughout November - the most successful yet.

By taking part you will not only help yourselves by improving your health and fitness but can also help others by raising funds for charity.

And if you have any couch potato friends or family, get them down to the pool - and you'll be doing them a favour too!

Participants are invited to swim one of six challenges - 50 seconds, 50 minutes, 50 hours, 50 widths, 50 lengths or 50 kilometres - in one or several attempts throughout November.

This year the main beneficiary is the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign (reg'd Charity No. 205395).

For an entry form or more information about the Gold Swim Challenges call the Actionline on 01382 451146 or pick up an entry form at your local pool.

Come on - you'll enjoy it!

Sharron Davies MBE,

PO Box 159, Dundee, DD1 9HF.

to the point

ON THE local culture debate, I have noticed two groups of letter writers.

First, those who appear to have made a rare visit to a play or concert, the latest being Brenda Webber (Your Views, October 5) and secondly, those whose appetite for culture/entertainment is bigger and who write to say they have to go to Birmingham for the big shows.

Why does Brenda call them moaners?

Surely to hope that Coventry one day will not be the biggest city without a venue for top acts should be called ambitious.

S Dennis,

Beanfield Avenue,

Green Lane.

I DO not normally write to you but I must say something about the policewoman who told children they needed road tax on their box car.

Now if they lived in Radford they could go about on the street without any flak from the police in Radford.

They ignore information about cars and vans on the road daily without tax.

She said it is up to DVLA to follow it up. But I thought the police are there to uphold the law not ignore it.

James Ramsey,

Grangemouth Road,


WE WOULD like to say a big thank you to all the people who supported us during the Great North Run.

We don't know exactly how much we have raised yet but every sponsor and every donation made is very much appreciated and will make a huge difference to the children who benefit from Get Kids Going.

Deborah and Ann Williamson,

Dane Road, Stoke.


NO ROOM LEFT IN CITY: JFK House which has now been demolished
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