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LETTERS: your views.

Young heroes earn some well-deserved recognition

THE Coventry branch of the British Pensioners' and Trade Union Action Association wishes to congratulate Joe Davis and Matthew Sparrow on their successful rescue of Mr Lucas.

Often, over the last few weeks, assaults upon the elderly population by young thugs have been reported in the Evening Telegraph.

This unselfish action by two young lads shows that not all young people are aggressive and have little concern for the older generation.

The membership of the BPTUAA thanks them in recognition of their prompt action.

John Parks,

Chairman, BPTUAA.

Police officers need vital protection now

IN reply to your editorial comment (Your Views, January 5), first, I am appreciative that there are members of the public who are aware of the dangers involved in policing Coventry.

I am currently a serving officer in Coventry, for the past three years I have been a force officer safety trainer (self-defence instructor).

One of the reasons I opted to undertake this responsibility was that I was able to ensure that officers were given enough training to undertake operational frontline policing.

Just previous to my becoming a trainer, one of our officers was severely assaulted in Birmingham.

This led to the then Chief Constable, Sir Ron Hadfield, to push for the issue of CS spray for officers.

Thankfully this became a reality and now all officers are in possession of what I perceive as a very valuable item of equipment.

Why then is it that the West Midlands Police, the second largest metropolitan force in the country, is one of the last to provide officers with stab- resistant body armour?

An officer in Coventry was stabbed in the chest. She was wearing her own stab vest (reported to have been bought by her parents).

I am aware that moves are afoot to issue officers with stab vests, but why has it taken so long?

How long will we have to wait before they are measured, manufactured and then issued through all the red tape and what standard will they actually be?

PC9086 Nik Walpole,

Radford sector,

Stoney Stanton Road

Police Station,


Asylum support

I NOTE recent correspondence on the issue of asylum seekers and refugees.

Firstly, it is incorrect to say that 500 asylum seekers will be housed in Thomas King House in Hillfields, all at once.

There are only 128 flats in Thomas King House and not all these will be used by asylum seekers.

If the block is not used for this purpose then it is likely to be demolished. Many asylum seeker families have, with the right support, a reputation for improving standards in accommodation where they are placed.

In the longer term this could enable the block to lose its 'difficult- to-let' status and result in more lettings to some of the 10,500 on our housing waiting list.

If local socialist councillors had been told that 500 people were to be crammed into a block of 128 flats we would have strongly objected on the grounds of overcrowding and health and safety.

Cllr Rob Windsor,

Socialist Group, St Michael's Ward, Coventry City Council, Council House, Earl Street, Coventry.

...THE recent soundings of correspondent Cllr Phil Townshend regarding the subject of refugees residing in Coventry invites comment.

Of course we have a moral duty to refugees - many of whom are genuine - but Coventry Council also has a moral duty to the aforementioned citizens.

Had Cllr Townshend been present at Draper's Hall on Christmas Day when 200 mainly homeless and deprived people including children sat down for dinner and wre later given presents, he may have seen things in a different light.

The gratitude showed in their eyes - and this situation has existed for more years than I care to remember.

These circumstances are an indictment of our so-called caring and listening council that these disadvantaged British-born people have to rely all year round on charitable organisations for shelter, food and clothing, and money and help given by volunteers.

Bernard C Moore,

The Mount,


University title causes confusion and locating difficulties

FURTHER to Peter Dunn's lofty reply (Your Views, December 23) to Mr Helyer's recent letter about the naming of the University of Warwick, Coventry.

I also agree with Mr Helyer that Coventry should have had a more prominent part in the naming of the new University, for instance, a recent television university quiz programme was shown on the screen as Sheffield Hallamshire versus Warwick, not University of Warwick, Coventry, or even Coventry, Warwick.

Mr Dunn says that the university name was chosen by Bishop Cuthbert Bardsley in 1960 and quotes him as having much of the wisdom of Solomon.

Unfortunately, he was not Solomon and we are left with a name that is difficult to identify, and difficult to locate by visitors who tend to go to the town of Warwick some 11 miles away.

I Reid,

Gleneagles Road,


to the point

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with every word of James W Hill's letter (Your Views, December 27). My dad worked for many years at Rolls Royce, Parkside. My brother is trying to hold on to employment at the Ansty plant.

There will be another lot of heartache, I'm sure, if this firm is forced to close.

Mrs J Branion,

Riley Square, Bell Green.

I HOPE the dog owner who lives near the cemetery which backs on to Woodway Lane feels ashamed.

On Christmas Day we visited my grandson's grave at 9am as she brought her three dogs into the cemetery. Two small dogs were on leads and the larger dog was loose.

They all did their business in the cemetery and were then taken out of the front gates on to the waste land in front of the cemetery.

W Oliver,

Oxenden Way, Ernesford Grange.

WHEN I first read J Gallen's letter (Your Views, December 23), I thought that he/she had coined a new word. Now that I have checked its definition, I am happy to include myself, with Messrs McKeegan and Sinclair, as "luciferous".

For about 50 years I've been trying to bring the light to believers in religious superstition, who could be referred to as lucifugous - avoiding the light!

As well as another name for Satan, Lucifer is Venus, when it rises as the morning star, from Latin - light bearer.

Dan Kent,

Marnhull Close, Walsgrave.

I WAS very dismayed to read (Evening Telegraph, January 3) that the Coventry Watch Museum project is still struggling to raise monies to enable a move to premises where they can display the history of the watch industry of the city.

It seems that monies have been found by Coventry Council to have a new logo for the city, also for a consultant to look into the affairs of social services.

Surely monies could be found for obtaining new premises for the Watch Museum.

Mr W Honour,

Westcotes, Tile Hill South.

I WAS interested to read the letter (Your Views, January 3) regarding can recycling facilities at the Clay Lane Car Park, Coventry.

Crow Recycling has operated a can saving scheme in Coventry since 1985 and we are always anxious to increase the number of sites in order to provide facilities convenience to local residents.

The small modular banks that we intended to site at Clay Lane, Stoke, and Arden Street, Earlsdon, would only have taken one parking space, on sites that are rarely full.

Unfortunately our request for these two sites was refused by Coventry City Council.

The reasons being given that they were not prepared to release car parking spaces.

Barbara Cowling,

Crow Recycling, Orchard House, Sparkbrook Street, Hillfields.


LIFESAVERS: Paperboys Joe Davis and Matthew Sparrow who saved a man from drowning
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