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Alphabetism is a vicious form of discriminatiion

I WISH to draw attention to a vicious and widespread form of discrimination that has until now gone unrecognised by society.

Although racism, sexism, ageism, etc, are all regarded as unacceptable evils, no thought has been given to those suffering from alphabetism.

I refer, of course, to those whose surnames begin with letters near the end of the alphabet - the Warrens, Whites, Xaviers and Zandoupolosis.

Always last to be dealt with, these are the unfortunates who have to make do with what is left after all the As, Bs, Cs and so on have grabbed the best for themselves, and who have to stand out in the rain at the back of the queue while the aforesaid A's, B's and C's are speedily dealt with and are on their way.

Something has to be done to right this blatant injustice and so I suggest that each New Year's Day the order is changed, so that after the first year Z goes to the head of the list and A moves to second place. The following year Y goes to the top and the rest all move down a place, so that each 26-year-period the sequence is repeated.

G J White, Haynestone Road, Coundon.

Swearing ban

THE proposed ban on swearing in Wetherspoon pubs will perhaps be easier to enforce in Coventry.

After all, on last season's showing, if you've spent the afternoon at Highfield Road then you're likely to have exhausted all the swear words in the English language before you reach the pub.

Imposing rules in an attempt to gain an assured standard of clientele is widespread, as I found while queuing to get into a night-spot where door-staff checked for no prominent tattoos etc.

I was charged nearly pounds 10 for three drinks at the bar.

It struck me that I am able to gain entry to these establishments despite having the word, gullible emblazoned across my forehead.

Rob Summerfield, Carter Road, Stoke.

Recycling rates

CLLR McNicholas (Evening Telegraph, May 6) claims incineration at the London Road incinerator is partly justified as it generates profitable electricity.

But soon the UK (including Coventry) will be legally obliged to increase recycling of household waste, so there will be less waste, energy and income for the local authority.

To keep the incinerator profitable, more waste must be imported from other areas, causing more HGVs clogging up local roads, and more pollution and wastage of energy.

Coventry could become the worst in the country for recycling rates.

Some incinerated materials produce carcinogenic dioxins. On release to the atmosphere, these are feared to be causing chronic illnesses.

Other hazardous by-products of incineration (fly and bottom ash) are deposited in landfills.

Coventry has made a start towards recycling and composting but we need more creative approaches to the disposal of the residue. I object to Coventry financially supporting a dying, incinerator industry.

Energy created by incineration is negated by energy wasted during additional transportation of rubbish from outside Coventry and by burning valuable resources which could and should be recycled.

Joy Warren, Stonebury Avenue, Eastern Green.

CARTOONIST Ken Wilkins from Leamington was tickled by our Pet SOS feature in last Saturday's Weekend supplement (Evening Telegraph, June 7), when Ann Evans reported on the work of Pets as Therapy dogs, who visit residential homes, schools and day care centres. The article included a plea to anyone who felt their pet might have the qualities needed to be a good PAT dog: "Sociable and friendly without being over- boisterous."

to the point OUR grandson was born in Walsgrave Hospital. It wasn't an easy birth but thanks to the wonderful staff at the hospital my daughter and son-in-law have a beautiful son.

Special thanks to Janet, Katie, Ann and the team that came to help.

Geraldine Malin, Wilmot Close, Balsall Common.

US SECRETARY of State Colin Powell, insists that weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq, by his 1,300 search team. I am inclined to agree with him but I am puzzled as to why it has taken so long to plant them.

I suppose that with typical USA military efficiency they could have wrongly placed them, possibly in North Korea?

R J Thompson, Hermes Crescent, Henley Green.

I DO NOT wish to have the euro. We will lose any national identity we have left. I am British, and want to keep my own currency.

Mrs L Rayman, Windmill Road, Longford.

I WONDER if I am the only one in Coventry who cringes when tuning into BBC Radio WM, and am assailed by the syrupy, heavily larded Brummie accent of Dr Carl Chinn? I much prefer the Coventry Irish of Bob Brolley.

Alan Hartley, Staverton Road, Mount Nod.

AFTER scouring the Evening Telegraph on Monday night, what happened to the photos of the Godiva procession? One only and a few taken in War Memorial Park. Surely the local paper should have had a photograph of Lady Godiva and the procession.

Eric Noakes, Thimbler Road, Canley.
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