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LETTERS: Your Say.

Pic Of The Past IN MAY 1955, the bridge in the Precinct, city centre, was taking shape.

The workers - wearing flat caps rather than hard hats - were creating the bridge as shopping life carried on underneath.

Do you have a memory of life in 1950s Coventry? If so, let us know by writing to Pic of the Past at the address on this page or e-mailing Cycle routes with silly signs

IT WAS amusing to see cases of confusing traffic signs in Coventry.

Yet when you're cycling you have to put up with worse.

A particular bugbear for many is the "cyclists dismount" sign. This appears on cycle routes nationwide.

Perhaps the people at the Department of Transport like to walk beside their cycles rather than ride them, but I suspect that the real problem is they have trouble expressing themselves.

What they really mean is "cyclists give way".

Still "cyclists dismount" is better than the signing I saw on a cycle track in one city.

While a white cycle symbol had been painted on the tarmac, the authorities, not having a round blue sign with a bicycle symbol in white, used what they thought was the next best thing. A round white sign bordered with red and showing a bicycle in black!

George Riches, Bromleigh Drive, Stoke.

Roadworks just have to be done

THE situation on Radford Road is unsuitable at the moment but the work just has to be done.

The road is full of pot holes and the whole of the road needs to be resurfaced.

I live by Radford Road and yes, people do make illegal right turns at the crossing but have done so for months.

Many drivers have done this when the road was fully open.

To stop this, the police need to resource themselves much better.

I have stopped many cars doing this by standing in the road. Dangerous, I know, but the point has to be put across.

The problem is that people rely on Radford Road to go into town. The days of public transport are disappearing fast.

Robbie Peters, Bede Road, Radford.

Go LPG to beat fuel costs THE present answer to the fuel cost problem is simple - go LPG [liquefied petroleum gas].

My X-type Jaguar has a range of 300 miles when filled with pounds 48 worth of petrol. Same volume of gas for an almost identical range is a little over pounds 23 - 33p a litre is the best local figure.

The cost of the conversion was pounds 1,600 plus vat - pounds 1,880. I fill up once a week which means that I save pounds 25 per week and it would therefore take only 75 weeks to pay off the cost of the installation. I generally keep my cars five or six years and even after five years the saving will be in excess of pounds 4,500.

LPG doesn't give quite the performance of petrol, but the difference is minimal and in every other respect it's just like driving a car powered by petrol - a good deal less noisy or smelly than a diesel.

There are three filling stations in Coventry and more than 1,000 countrywide. Prices vary from 33p a litre up to 42p a litre, but even at 42p the saving is considerable.

Kevin Lynch, Westwood Heath.

Restore this treasure HERITAGE WEEKEND opened up one of Coventry's best kept secrets - The Old Grammar School. Isn't it time this wonderful building was restored and put on the tourist map? I visited with a friend to see the Playbox Theatre's performance of the life of Mary Ball and was amazed at the number of people commenting about the building and its decline.

Annette Green, Oxendon Way, Ernesford Grange.

To The Point ALL we need is for Warwickshire Police to be properly manned for once and mergers will then be irrelevant.

These proposals are simply about cost cutting. If you live in Coleshill as I did for many years, when the local station is closed the nearest response is from Bedworth - not exactly on the doorstep.

There would be no improvement under a merged West Midlands force as resources would inevitably be targeted on Birmingham and Coventry.

It should be about what Warwickshire people want first and foremost. They help to elect the politicians in the first place to serve them.

John Kubow, Sutton Coldfield.

IF Dr Rob Higgins and the Trust take infection control as seriously as he says, why are nursing staff wearing uniforms out of work?

Years ago it was compulsory to wear personal clothing to and from work. No wonder there are so many infections, you can't blame it all on the domestic staff.

Mrs F Walker,

Lowe Road, Keresley.

COVENTRY CITY COUNCIL has done well again this year for Britain in Bloom.

The flowers are still beautiful, even in mid-September and the bands in the parks on Sundays have made a lot of people happy.

Jean Thompson, Lupton Avenue, Styvechale.

DailyPoem Manna

Bats and balls, Meccano set,

Marbles, puzzles, toys.

Comic books, tiddler net,

Adventure tales for boys.

Television pleasantries,

Table games to play.

Birthday presents sure to please,

Treats of yesterday.

Come life's brief teenage tournament,

Drift, wander, roam and stray.

Not a single ornament,

Impecunious all the way.

These constant fuss and bother shames,

May just a while be rid.

For droll and needy grandson James,

A cheque for twenty quid.

W Keningale, Nicholls Street, Hillfields
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 21, 2005
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