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Cllr Nellist must disown disruptive student action

THE Queen and Prime Minister visited Coventry to honour our citizens who formed the Home Front during the war.

To the shame of a few students and other guests in our city, they did their best to disrupt the occasion with shouting and abuse. Members of the Socialist (Nellist) Party were clearly encouraging this disrespect.

Councillor Nellist must now disown this action. It is the least he can do, out of respect for those who gave so much for him and his generation.

Brendan Torley, Swan Lane, Stoke.

. . . I'M afraid to say that I didn't share the enthusiasm for our Royal visit.

But I'm aware that it made many older people very proud and after their considerable efforts during the war, it's the least they deserved.

However, I was gobsmacked to read that the Lord Mayor Joan Wright's granddaughter presented a bouquet to the Queen.

How incredibly undemocratic.

Becky Tustain, Northfield Road, Stoke.

. . . I REFER to the little girl who was chosen to present a posy to the Queen on her visit to Coventry.

This visit was to commemorate Coventry so why was a child from Bedworth chosen to present this posy?

It's plain to see why - because she is the granddaughter of the Lord Mayor of Coventry.

I feel the Lord Mayor has let the Coventry kids down by presenting a member of her own family to the Queen and she has abused her position as the Lord Mayor of Coventry to do this.

Coventry has thousands of children and grandchildren of extreme courage and achievement who should have been given the chance to present this posy.

Mrs R Conniff,

Newhall Road,

Henley Green.

. . . .MY WIFE and I congratulate Coventry City Council, the police and others involved in the organisation of the royal visit.

Her Majesty represents everything that is best in our national life, and she was welcomed with the respect and courtesy to which she is entitled.

Having been concerned with the organisation of a number of royal visits while serving the Queen, I know that an enormous amount of detailed work is involved.

Coventry did it very well, from the excellent and varied programme to the unobtrusive but efficient security, and including even the polite assistance extended to disabled people like me.

The Lord Mayor and her colleagues can take great satisfaction from a job well done.

David Skinner,

Chairman, Burton Green Residents Association,

Whitefield Close,

Westwood Heath.

. . . MY WIFE and I were honoured and delighted to receive invitations to attend the Home Front service but I was puzzled by one of the guidance notes which were issued with the invitations - that no medals will be worn.

There are those who served on the Home Front either as national fire services, ARP, Home Guard etc were awarded the defence medal of which they are justly proud and yet someone in authority decreed that they should not wear them.

I cannot help but question the reasoning behind this decision, why issue the defence medal and then forbid the recipients the right to display it?

Alan Hartley, Staverton Close, Mount Nod

Square problem

I WOULD like to put to Mr McGuigan some thoughts regarding the proposed civic squares and the effect they will have on Holy Trinity church and the cathedral.

I believe these squares will isolate these churches and the square proposed for Priory Street will make it impossible for any cars bringing VIPs, including the Lord Mayor, to special services at the cathedral. Not to mention funerals, weddings and tourists coaches.

Tourists, we are told, are the very life blood of this city and I would urge Mr McGuigan and his planners to give some caring and serious thought before going ahead with the Priory Street Square.

J L Cresswell, Bantam Grove, Keresley.

We pay for theatre

SUPPORTERS of the campaign to bring Iain Lauchlan and Will Brenton's pantomime back to the Belgrade will be interested to know that Coventry tax payers are grant funding the theatre to the tune of almost pounds 1 million per year!

The Belgrade management is quite happy to accept this funding yet the cries of protest and sackfuls of letters from the Coventry people go unheeded.

Councillors should be lobbied to take action to protect tax-payers investment as the future of Coventry's only theatre is at stake, not only the much- loved panto.

Without the money spinning favourites next season, profits could soon turn to losses and the Belgrade could be in dire financial straits once again.

Linda Bromley, Mercia Way, Warwick.

Straight to the POINT

WE WOULD just like to say good luck to everyone planning to quit on No Smoking Day tomorrow.

Stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your health. It will significantly reduce your risks of cancer, heart disease and stroke and will enable you to lead a healthier life for yourself and your family and friends.

Doreen McIntyre Chief Executive, No Smoking Day, Boldwins Gardens, London.

MANY thanks for using my letter on February 12, regarding noisy students disrupting their neighbours.

Things have got much better - let's hope it goes on like this.

I have had replies from Coventry University, MP Jim Cunningham and Neighbours from Hell on ITV. Yet your coverage of my letter looks like it has done the job. It means a lot, very many thanks, you do a great job.

I'm a speedway fan, and you cover it very well, so I must say your paper is giving me much pleasure.

Mr C Holt, Monks Road, Stoke.

BETTY and George would like to thank the Evening Telegraph for the lovely photo published on February 16 on the occasion of our diamond anniversary. Also many thanks to our sons and daughters, grandchildren, family and friends, for the lovely presents and cards. It was a memorable celebration.

Betty and George Sharpe, Over Street, Bell Green.
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Date:Mar 7, 2000
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