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Restaurant proposal is too near our homes

REGARDING an article in the Evening Telegraph (February 1) concerning McDonalds' proposals for a drive-through restaurant on the junction of Brandon Road and Willenhall Lane.

McDonalds claims that if the drive through goes ahead they will be a good neighbour. But how will they stop customers blocking driveways, throwing rubbish in gardens and youths causing all sorts of trouble outside, or maybe even, inside our homes?

All other McDonalds are built away from houses, this proposed land is far too near our properties.

Plus there is the thought that they may apply for a 24-hour licence like the BP garage that we also have to put up with.

McDonalds say they care, but they haven't even sent a representative round to speak to us.

We feel greatly let down by the planning department who want to grant permission; they want to try living here once it's built.

Residents of Willenhall Lane, Binley.

Roadwork chaos

DOES anyone have the remotest idea how long the present road works on the Ring Road in Coventry are going to take?

As the days spread into weeks and then into months there seems to be no end in sight to the re-opening of the outside lanes around the Radford Road section.

This is not only dangerous and frustrating for drivers but, of course, the council has not appreciated the earnings potential of the columns of cones closing the road.

Roy Shakespeare, Halford Lane, Keresley.

Project appeal

I AM writing to ask our local authority to reconsider its plan for surplus classrooms in north- east Coventry and the role of Manor Farm and the Neighbourhood Development Association (MANDA).

I work as a local family doctor in the area and have been very impressed with the work of both these organisations.

Both have rightfully attracted national attention, culminating in the visit of the government health minister, last year, to look at both groups' joint healthy eating project.

The current proposal for unused classrooms is to offer most to community education and the rest to MANDA.

My appeal is for the local authority to look again at the allocations and to look at a joint project. Both groups have great knowledge and expertise and our community can only gain by both groups' skills being mixed.

It is strange and uncomfortable to have a management committee from both statutory and voluntary sectors but why can't the result be brilliant and become a model for other projects?

I have just returned from a meeting of the MANDA group which is low and demoralised as the members feel they have been rejected and excluded.

I do not know how these decisions are arrived at, but I appeal to whoever is responsible, please re-visit the proposals.

Dr David Fish, Henley Green Medical Centre, Henley Road, Coventry.

Fond memories of city's popular restaurant

THE Evening Telegraph gave a splendid report to celebrate the opening of Fishy Moores restaurant in Fairfax Street, complete with pictures of old and new shops on the July 6 and 9, 1991. I discovered them when sorting keepsakes left by my late mother.

How about a feature now on the demolition of the present restaurant and the difficulty the owner has with relocation?

This is part of Coventry's history and is used as a rendez-vous for senior citizens on the weekly over-60 special offer day.

Tell Coventry Council to think again - we need places for our large population of over 60s who do not all want the trendy Weatherspoon variety of eating.

Don't forget the voting power of the senior citizens.

Mrs B Shakespeare, Burton Close, Allesley.

Straight to the POINT

I WOULD, with all due respect to Mr Harding of Leamington, agree with his expulsion from the Conservative Party.

I consider that we now have a second Conservative Party in power. I would sooner have Lionel Blair in power than Tony Blair. At least Lionel can dance. Mr Harding has done many years service to the party but all things most come to an end.

The Conservative Party is trying to reform so let them. At the end of the day all politicians are as bad as each other. They promise, but who delivers the goods? .

Geoff Alderman, Harvesthill Close, Leamington.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Feb 7, 2000
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