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Keep up pressure to slow traffic on Tamworth Road

OVER many years, traffic management for Tamworth Road, a main route into Coventry, had become increasingly necessary and needed attention from engineers.

Speeding vehicles alarm residents, those old people's home and Keresley Grange School users, alike.

I had proposed to the city council that a series of surface islands be created at its junctions with Long Lane, Sandpits Lane and Waste Lane with warning signs at the boundary.

Traffic needs to be progressively slowed as it reaches Keresley.

Past efforts are gaining notice, a recent petition from school parents found favour at a council committee on 27 January.

It has been a long time coming but very welcome.

The finance committee chairman promised a first call on school route budgets for 2000/2001. A report is to be received to facilitate spending by April.

Seems like progress. However, residents must keep up the pressure, the stretch from Hollyfast Lane to The Shepherd must be made safe to use by all.

Cllr John Gazey (Con Bablake), Church Park Close, Keresley

Pink in the 50s

I WAS interested in Mrs Taylor's recent letter about her 1945 edition of the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

I have a Pink edition of the Midland Daily Telegraph (pre-war title of this paper), published on Saturday, May 22, 1936.

This was the night when Coventry City gained promotion from the Third Division South by beating Torquay United 2-1.

I read the paper avidly as a young City fan in the 1950s and it became a bit dog-eared. We need to recall those success stories in the gloomy 1950s before the Sky Blue Revolution got under way.

This Pink is well worth reading for other evidence of how times have changed.

It's broadsheet size and it was bequeathed to me by my late uncle, Vic Wade.

I've never seen another copy of this particular paper, so I'm wondering are there any other copies that have survived 64 years.

Tony Thistlewood, Oslo Gardens, Walsgrave.

Shock at death

I WAS shocked to hear about the violent death of Cheltenham councillor Andrew Pennington.

I met Andrew in 1982 when I volunteered to lend support to his election campaign for the Longford ward council seat that year by posting leaflets.

He was an instantly likeable person, and I appreciated the way he took time to visit on polling day and thank me for my help.

He struck me as being someone who genuinely cared about the important issues of the day.

Although his election campaign was unsuccessful by some margin I remember having the impression that he certainly had the knowledge and ambition to succeed in politics, which he eventually proved with his election to the council in Cheltenham.

Paul Brucculeri, Canberra Road, Aldermans Green.

Stage success

WE, the parents of the three boys who played Tom of Warwick in the Guild Hall Amateur Operatic Society production of Camelot at the College Theatre, The Butts, Coventry, would like to thank all those involved in the production. The kindness and caring (and gifts) showered on the boys were very touching.

The boys, aged between nine and 10, were a huge credit to Steve Duncan and his stage craft class and the confidence in which the boys tackled this left us breathless.

They were wonderful in no small part due to the work Paul Madden as King Arthur and Steve Duncan had done with them.

Many thanks again from some very proud parents.

Maurice and Pauline Cowley, Andrew and Liz Herd, Colin and Sandra Duncan, c/o Dove Close, Bedworth.

Good luck to Robbie and his city-made Jag

ROBBIE KEANE plays for Coventry City and buys a Coventry

made car (a Jaguar XK8).

Would your correspondents Mr M Deehan and Geoff Friswell who were critical of the purchase rather have him buying a foreign car?

Good luck to Robbie Keane is what I say - and thank you for putting your money in Coventry's car industry.

Vicky Robins,

Clay Ave,

St Nicolas Park,


Stop moaning about NHS

I HEAR it on the bus, I hear it in the pub, it is on the radio and TV regularly - the failure of the NHS.

It appears that we should have hospitals and beds cocooned awaiting the next flu epidemic because these outbreaks occur every year and fill up the beds.

There are vacant beds but do we mix them with victims of heart attacks or other weakening ailments?

The media seem to jump on anything that may cause concern then boost it up to sway their audience and that's all.

I have been discharged from Walsgrave Hospital in the last few days and I didn't notice the building falling down, but, I did recognise the service, care and efficiency of the nurses, doctors, ancillary staff or volunteers was far from falling down.

I wish those few patients who moan every day could have more consideration.

Stan Beasley, Bonds Hospital, Hill Street, city centre.

Straight to the POINT

I AM writing in response to the Your Views correspondent who complained about the sequence of the traffic lights at the junction of Kenilworth Road and Leamington Road.

I have also felt that the timing was wrong at these lights but I travel along the A45 and the tail back at busy times is tremendous.

Obviously it is pure volume of traffic in both directions which is the problem, not the lights.

Unfortunately not much can be done to improve this situation - just be aware that everyone else is frustrated by the delays and be patient.

Veronica M Field, Lambourne Close, Mount, Nod.

The previous correspondent had in fact meant to highlight the problems at the Kenilworth Road-A45 junction.

MY 13-year-old daughter purchased a pair of trousers from Go Bananas, in West Orchards Shopping Centre, Coventry, and after wearing them once the stitching came undone.

We returned them to the shop for a refund, but were informed it was not their policy to do so.

The assistant became very rude, ordering us from the shop and calling security.

Later that day I spoke to the owner of the shop on the telephone, who confirmed there would be no refund.

When I told him I would inform trading standards, he said that due to his wealth such things were of no concern, as his solicitor would handle it, although he doubted it would go that far because of the trouble and expense to ourselves.

Steve Payne, Clayton Road, Coundon.
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