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Why do breweries ruin our charming pubs?

CAN anyone explain to me the mentality of planning, that allows people, like breweries, to destroy old inns, that have stood for over 400 years, and then try to reproduce (in a cheap way) the same thing.

Kenilworth suffered this with the Bear and Ragged Staff pub. I was in tears when I saw the inside.

It is supposed to resemble a tip, the barman said. All I can say is that they have made a damn good job of it.

Not an oak beam in sight.

I decided to visit the Golden Cross in Coventry last week. I used to love it, when I was young.

Horrors, I found just two posts that resembled oak beams.

There were at least three brilliant noisy games, no atmosphere. I couldn't get out fast enough.

Then I went to see the new SkyDome. There, through the windows, I could see an imitation of Olde England. I guess in a dim light it might have atmosphere.

I often have Spanish visitors. I have to take them to Stratford or the Cotswolds to show them Old England.

My motto is: Visitors do not come to Warwickshire to see Dallas. This generation seems to have no appreciation of beauty and character.

Mrs L Bates, Avon Road, Kenilworth.

In praise of ex-head

REGARDING your story on the success of Coundon Court School.

I must clarify facts regarding the school's 1970s history. In no way do I wish to detract from the success under the headship of David Kershaw

The merger of Barkers' Butts Secondary Modern School with Coundon Court Comprehensive was likely to be difficult as Barkers' Butts was twice the size of Coundon Court. It went extremely smoothly due to forward planning by staff led by head teachers Miss Morley and Miss Fellows. They became deputy heads in the combined school and left after two years. Two new deputies were appointed but again moved on within two years. Then followed a difficult period.

Mixed ability classes and integrated syllabuses were introduced but staff morale suffered.

A review by the authority's inspectors led to the removal of the head and deputy.

Ken Reynolds was seconded from President Kennedy School to take over Coundon Court and there was a revival of morale.

He stayed for about 15 months at which time David Kershaw was appointed. Even at its worst things were not rock bottom at Coundon Court and the intake of pupils did not drop below the planned numbers. David Kershaw inherited a school that had ceased to slide and Ken Reynolds should be given the credit for this. He restored trust.

I congratulate David, his staff and his pupils on the current success.

R G Coward, Barkers Butts 1949 - year head, Coundon Court, retired 1981, Barkers Butts RFC, Pickford Grange Lane, Allesley

Dodgy door policy

WITH reference to Ian Harris' letter on Tuesday, February 15.

It is pathetic to hear that someone is refused entrance to a public house because of the shade of colour of his clothing.

I used to drink once a week with my mother in Browns cafe-bar in Earl Street, Coventry, for the last six years. We liked it very much. Mr Brown was always polite to us until my son who was of drinking age came in for a drink on his birthday.

Mr Brown refused him a drink saying he was under age. I told Mr Brown his age and so did his grandmother but he was still refused.

I feel it was his dress Mr Brown did not like. My mother and I don't go into town for a drink anymore because it is very embarrassing not knowing if you will be refused entry for trivial reasons.

Mr Brown and others like him have a lot of power with these pathetic dress codes.

Should they have this power?

Linda Laurie, Cannon Hill Road, Cannon Park.

Square will deter visitors

THE recent publicity about the excavation of the site of Coventry's first cathedral has obscured the problems that the present one will face if the plan to create a pedestrian only square in front of its entrance goes ahead.

Coventry Council declares that it is promoting tourism, yet it proposes to create difficulties for visitors to reach the one building that the vast majority of them want to see, by making it impossible for their transport to get close to the entrance.

Is this a sensible thing to do?

A F Adams, Stepping Stones Road, Coundon.

Straight to the POINT

TODAY I received in my letter box a wonderful leaflet telling me how much the Labour Council is doing for Willenhall and Binley.

I phoned Cllr John Mutton with the same old problem: Garages in Pondthorpe full of rubbish and probably rats. The reply was the same, tough, you must live with the filth and the mess. There's nothing we can do about it. We clean, decent citizens of Pondthorpe must live in a slum. Tell the hard working councillors of Willenhall and Binley not to put leaflets through my door as what they say is just a load of old rubbish.

Carol Lambert, Pondthorpe, Willenhall.

HOW very rude of Paula and Ceri Harris to write such a sarcastic letter, criticising the regular publication of Ian Harris' contributions to Your Views.

Those of us who write regularly to the Editor are not afraid to have our views made public and are often taken to task by our acquaintances for what we have written.

However, this does not stop us, you won't beat us, Paula and Ceri, so why not join us? You have made a good start.

I take it that it is a coincidence that you have the same surname as Ian and this is not a family joke.

Jean Keenan, Earlsdon Avenue North, Earlsdon.
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Date:Mar 2, 2000
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