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Tory women stick by principles on OAP issue

WARWICKSHIRE County Council has changed its structure. The most significant thing about that, beyond the concentration of power into the hands of a clique, is in the way councillors are now renumerating themselves.

The aggregate they have voted to put into their own pockets out of our taxes amounts to more than pounds 1 per head for every man, woman and child in Warwickshire, over pounds 500,000. They obviously feel a need for the money, poor things!

But they do not consider that there are any elderly people in such need.

These county councillors have just voted by an overwhelming majority to make the most vulnerable pay more for their home care and meals on wheels.

Three gallant Conservative ladies, Councillors Luise Gunter, Antoinette Gordon and Joan Lea were alone in openly speaking up for and supporting the pensioners, recognising that the elderly widow's mite leaves very little room for any manoeuvre.

It was interesting that the rest of the Conservative group, led by Cllr Collett, voted, yet again, with Labour.

He was not alone in voting with Labour. He persuaded his Conservative colleagues, including Cllr Weeler, Windybank, Cleaver, Farrell, Heatley, Franklin, Slaughter and Haywood, to do the same.

But he did not manage to persuade the three gallant ladies.

Conservation has always been allied to compassion for those most in need. It seems only Cllrs Gunter, Gordon and Lee understood that. Well done, the three of them!

Richard Harding, Northumberland Road, Leamington.

Greedy council

IS IT NO wonder that Coventry council tax has gone up 13 per cent in two years when we have a council with such a full catalogue of profligate spending, inefficiency and mismanagement.

To give you a few examples, the large losses and computer fiasco at building services, the damning report on social services, councillors voting themselves generous increases while at same time putting up council tax, the millennium walk with silly clock that only the councillor and planners seem to want, the ugly canopy in Broadgate, the art work on the North South Road - I could go on, the list seems endless.

If I had the power to make a new local government law it would be to make any councillor who votes for an above inflation rise be made to stand for re-election. That would concentrate a few minds on the council.

K J Swallow, Brownshill Green Road, Brownshill Green.

Sherwood fans

Are any of your readers fans of the 80s television series Robin of Sherwood, which has recently been rereleased on video?

A group of admirers, myself included, are organising a convention in Bristol on May 27/28, 2000 which will feature star guests from the series plus a mediaeval banquet, auction and a location coach trip. Any proceeds from the convention will go to charity. Please send a SAE to:

James P Reedman, 4 Stitchman House, Byfield Road, St James, Northampton, NN5 5HG

I'm sure this man was an author

I READ Barbara Argument's feature on the Observer Corps in your series Home Front with great interest.

I'm sure Elsie Moore and her war time colleagues did a great job. But what also caused me to look at the article again was the group photograph.

I'm almost sure the gentleman sitting on the far left of the front row is the boys' adventure story author Gilbert Dalton.

I believe he wrote for the fore-runner of the Evening Telegraph and was also Coventry correspondent of The Times before taking up story writing full time for D C Thomson and Co of Dundee.

His output was really remarkable - his stories and serials filling the pages of Thomsons Big Five papers - 0 the Hotspur, Adventure, Rover, Wizard and Skipper - although the Skipper was an early wartime paper-shortage casualty.

Gilbert Dalton also wrote plays for BBC Midland Children's House.

In fact I've got a copy of the script of episode three of The Secret Legion, broadcast on Friday, October 21, 1949 at 5 to 5.55pm, and produced by Peggy Bacon on the Midland Home Service.

I got to know Mr Dalton when he lived in Leamington - but ill health forced a move to the coast where he died in Weymouth in the early 1960s.

I noticed towards the end of the feature a mention of Chief Observer George Dalton - but its written as though that gentleman is still alive.

Ken Wilkins, Kennan Avenue, Leamington.

Help needed in research for a wartime book

I AM writing a book about the lives of women in Britain during the Second World War and would be grateful if anyone who has any interesting experiences and/or photographs from that time would contact me.

I am looking at all aspects of women's wartime experiences, on the home front, for example, looking after families, in reserved occupations, in the land army, as nurses, or on the buses and railways, government work, and in civil defence.

I also want to contact women in the various services, including the ATS, WRENS and WACS, Royal Observer Corps, in the intelligence services and SOE.

If you were a teenager, or older, during that time, please contact me by telephone or via e-mail;

I will be able to return any photographic material loaned to me.

Many thanks.

Carol Harris,

15 Brockley Grove, Crofton Park,


SE4 1QX.

Straight to the POINT

I WONDER if your readers know that their jewellery and collectables can help the Royal National Lifeboat Institution save lives at sea.

Since 1986 our Jewellery Appeal has raised nearly pounds 400,000 for lifeboat funds which would put five high-speed Atlantic 75 rigid inflatable inshore lifeboats.

Roy Morgrove JP, Jewellery Appeal Organiser, Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

I HAVE travelled with Harry Shaw many times and I have had very memorable holidays with no complaints about the holidays or their value.

Unfortunately since the company split I have not been happy with the service provided. I have booked two holiday breaks since December both have been cancelled at late notice causing disappointment. I have now booked with another operator and asked their policy on cancellation but was assured the holiday would take place regardless of numbers.

Sandra Johnson,

St Georges Road,


I AM astounded to read the front page of the Evening Telegraph that Coventry council and social services don't know who the beggars in the city centre are when in fact they give them free accommodation.

Name and address supplied.
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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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