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LETTERS: YOUR VIEWS: global views.

Childhood memories of a pop music genius

I HAVE just had a trip down memory lane. My brother who lives in Bulkington sent me your article about Pete Waterman (Evening Telegraph, January 9) who was saved by Mrs Weston when he was a baby, who lived across the road from our family, the Joneses.

We lived at 83 Burlington Road and apparently when Pete was interviewed on radio a while back and was asked how he got started in music, he said he used to hear the rock and roll that the girl across the road played (me) and that inspired him.

My mother received a letter from Pete verifying this.

Also I used to play with Val Weston when we were kids so it was wonderful to see all the Weston kids together again. Burlington Road looks a little different after being away for 35 years. I have seen Pete on TV here a few times being interviewed about Kylie Minogue. He certainly has come a long way over the years.

Thank you for letting me relive a few childhood memories.

Mary Sutherland, Fitzpatrick Way, Noranda, Western Australia.

RE: Share of two billion government money to improve transport (Evening Telegraph, February 25).

I have always been amazed at the bus drivers here in New Zealand. They have no partition between them and the passenger, they also have the money on a little tray on the side where everyone can see it. The difference between here and Coventry is unbelievable.

I don't know how to improve Coventry's bus system or to help drivers being spat on - it is disgusting. I can only say I am so glad to be living in a country that does not treat the drivers like that.

After all, they are doing us a public service. How else would these people get from A to B without them. It's about time they started appreciating them, as who could blame the drivers if they refused to drive the buses?

Patsy Knight, Whitby, Wellington, New Zealand.

MY name is Derrick Hill. I went to Coventry Junior Technical School (JTS) from 1945-48. I worked for Courtaulds, did national service, and spent a few years working in Africa. Now I live in British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, which is an hour and a half by ferry from the city of Vancouver and mainland Canada.

I have long lost touch with my friends from those JTS days, but it would be nice to hear from them and find out what they did in those intervening years: Brian Horrey, who played the guitar, John Cotterill, who became a physics professor, Tony Rainbow who was a career soldier, Jean Andrews and Maureen Brown, of the Commercial School, and all the others.

What has happened to you all?

Derrick Hill, 1047 Walcott, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada V9L 5W9.

COULD anyone please help us trying to find some friends we met in South Africa in 1984? Robert and Sam (Tracy) Moore - the last known address we have for them was, Coral Close, Broad Lane, Coventry.

We can be contacted at or PO Box 14915, Bredell 1623, South Africa.

Tel: 27 11 396 1210.

Brendan and Debbie Delaney, South Africa.


LOCAL HERO: Pete Waterman
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Mar 4, 2003
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