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For our annual Israel issue, we at inFOCUS like to bring you the new, the exciting, the unusual --and there is a LOT of that--so we have fun with it. But it is a conundrum because for all the hot, high-tech fabulousness in the Third Jewish Commonwealth, not to mention history and intrigue, there is also the part of Israel and its neighborhood that makes us worry--and we have to bring that to the table as well. Our Israel issue this year doesn't have a theme as such. It is, rather, a broad look--the story of "Fanny" shares space with BDS, travel off the beaten track shares with the evernasty UN Human Rights Council. It is slightly dizzying, but then, so is Israel.

The end result is a picture of a remarkable country and, we hope, an addition to your understanding of and thinking about Israel.

Start with our interview with Israel's Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon, as he walks us through Israel's improving relations with countries around the globe.

Hillel Frisch sets the strategic stage, and he, like Israel, is both realistic and optimistic. Eran Lerman, Benjamin Weinthal and Dan Diker take on Egypt, BDS and the UN respectively, while inFOCUS Editor Shoshana Bryen explains the unique basis for the relationship between American and Israeli security forces. Adam Sacks shows how Jordan is weaponizing archaeology. Travel in Israel for people who know Israel is so large a topic that it requires both Jan Goldstein and Iris Ricks to do it justice. Brian Blum and Abigail Klein Leichman worked on the cutting edge of Israel's medical research. Lenny Ben-David takes care of the intrigue.

Shoshana Bryen will tempt you, too, with four outstanding books to take to the beach.

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Matthew Brooks, Publisher

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Author:Brooks, Matthew
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 22, 2019
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