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Sign of the goat MR HADLEY, who found a medal in his allotment, may care to know that the astrological sign Capricorn rules the dates December 22-January 19 and marks the beginning of the winter solstice.

Capricorn the goat holds 10th position in the zodiac, is related to the element Earth, is a cardinal sign and is female. The goat and the winter solstice have always been sacred in Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Far East and China.

The Old Testament also has reference to Capricorn. It offers the return of the sun and promised of arrested death and continuance of life. The letter R has symbolism of life after death by way of Christian numerology.

The medallion may have been made as a charm or talisman to ensure an everlasting bond of love between man and a woman. The 'R 'may be a forename initial. The sun helps to create harmony.

The metal, bronze perhaps used to purify the intentions which clearly meant to last. Peter J Pralat, Yardley Mail, June 8, 1977
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Date:Aug 26, 2013
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