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Sizing up the issue COUN Dark is wrong in attributing the difficulties in operating the metric system in the system itself. The trouble arises from the idiotic way the system is being operated in this country.

No doubt, Coun Dark, like the rest of us, learned at school that one metre equals ten decimetres, 100 centimetres and 1,000 millimetres.

A centimetre is a very useful unit. It is quite easy to think of ten centimetres as roughly the same as four inches.

Where we have gone wrong in this country is to ignore centimetres and express all measurements less than one metre in millimetres, which are much more difficult to comprehend.

I suggest that Coun Dark should press for the reinstatement of the centimetre and the banishment of millimetres to where they belong - to express measurements smaller than a centimetre in the few cases where it would be material. J S Dawson, Sutton Coldfield Mail, May 2, 1978
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 15, 2013
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