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Traffic wardens would burden on police Central Committee of the Federation, meeting at Nottingham, has declared that it against the setting up of a of traffic wardens. Why? fail to see what objections can possibly be to such a to job - corps of traffic wardens be formed and empowered much the same authority as policemen on point duty.

would be of great value to community because, apart the service performed, they ease the burden on our 1685: last were: police at the moment have deal with many trivial and matters and are not left time to get on with the for which they are required - preventing crime.

1788: sixth 1918: Anything which would reduce problems should be supported. Why not give the a trial in Birmingham? 1927: in D G Minnis, Prospective Liberal Candidate, Springfield Ward Birmingham Mail, July 11, 1960 was
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Feb 6, 2013
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