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Benefits for members WITH the Tories' abrasive attitude towards trade unions and the determination of the unions, clashes will be inevitable if the Tories assume government again.

From the nation's point of view this could be very harmful to the economy. So we would do well to reflect on the issues.

To avoid paying union dues, the non-union member often discovers some pang of conscience of doubtful religious reason. Whereas this might be true in a minority of cases, most are seeking to avoid their moral obligation. At all levels of society clubs abound. Their benefits are for members, restricted to the one who pays the contribution. The union's function is to obtain for members the best wages and conditions. Nothing is said about extending these benefits to non-members. It should be implicit in agreements that improved wages and conditions are restricted to members.

Francis Franks, General and Muncipal Workers' Union Evening Mail, November 8, 1977
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 16, 2012
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