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LETTER FROM THE PAST; Poll tax will be fairer.

AFTER the Mail's recent powerful campaign against the rating system, I thought it a pity you did not claim some credit for the Conservative pledge to introduce a fairer method of local government finance.

Your articles and scores of readers' letters illustrated the injustices of domestic rates.

I saw to it that all your articles and reports went to Mrs Margaret Thatcher and were taken into account.

The Conservative Party will act immediately to ease the strain on ratepayers by transferring a much greater part of educational, police and fire service costs to the Exchequer.

Then, in the next Parliament, the domestic rating system will be replaced by taxes more broadly based and related to people's ability to pay. Local authorities will be able to decide the range of their spending priorities and they will be accountable to local electorates for the revenue they raise.

Reginald Eyre, MP for Hall Green.

Evening Mail, September 2, 1974
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 10, 2012
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