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LETTER: Ban everything.

Byline: Trefor Davies

LISTENING to ``Any Questions'' on Radio 4 last Saturday, the `anti-huntingquestion' came up. The usual points for and against were raised,and then it was the turn of the Conservative member of the team to contribute.

I never thought I would agree with anything a Conservative said as I have never had the slightest inclination to vote for that party and am now pushing on in my 70's. He said,quite truly, too much time had already been wasted discussing this matter when there were far more important matters needing attention.

He felt the government liked resurrecting this matter from time to time, whenever they were in an awkward spot over such issues as health,education or transport,as a sort of diversionary move and to re-invigorate theparty.

Many quite ordinary people whom I know locally,enjoy a day out with the hunt. I don't resent them enjoying what they do, they don't ride on horse back wearing red coats,but instead scramble up and down the hill sides following the dogs.

If we are going to be complete kill joys, why not banfishing. I am sure a fish does not enjoy being speared through the mouth with a hook and yanked bodily out of the water. In fact, why not make everybody's life a complete misery and ban literally everything?

It would be a good thing if we banned war, then we would go a long way o stop the killing and injuring of humans as well!

Trefor Davies,Llanfrothen
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 7, 2003
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