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Byline: Naomi Mcelroy

THE SIGHT of Kofi Annan cosying up to Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad is truly sickening.

This is the man who sent his soldiers into innocent families' homes to kidnap 10-year-old boys and behead their screaming mothers.

The only words the lisping despot should hear from the UN are: "You're under arrest".

But for some reason the international powers-that-be seem to think humouring the mad tyrant is the only way forward.

For all the good it did them - Assad showed his true colours by refusing any effort at a peace deal.

So the killing will continue, at least until the peacekeeping forces realise the best way to truly keep the peace would be to lock him up.


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Title Annotation:Editorial
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 11, 2012
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