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LESSONS IN LUST..; Boys (15).

So there you are, slouching in your seat and the schoolteacher announces to the entire class that your essay is pants.

Not only that, he reads out the really embarrassing bits ... the bits you think make you seem windswept and interesting.

If this sounds like anextract from your schooldays, you won't believe what happens to Lucas Haas after the lesson is over.

The misunderstood hero of this teen drama doesn't sulk or stinkbomb the teacher.

HE stumbles across an unconscious Winona Ryder, who wakes up and decides that he IS windswept and interesting after all.

Admittedly, Haas does what all boys would do when confronted by a beautiful, deranged woman at a time when their hormones are running rampant - he sneaks her into his dorm-room.

All his class chums are understandably jealous of his first close encounter with the opposite sex.

This is one of those rites- of-passage romances where the central characters are supposed to discover their true selves as they find out about each other and the big, wide world.

Haas is spot on and certainly looks the part as he plays an awkward adolescent - a world away from his role as the lad in Witness.

But Ryder struggles to convince in a role that has her playing someone who is meant to be eight years his senior.

Sadly, the relationship rarely rises above the banal ... and Ryder seems to be well aware of that.

Twice in the space of 10 minutes, she strips down to her black bra - for no real reason at all.

Well, it might stop males nodding off.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 30, 1997
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