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LEE SHARPE SENSATION!; Sex scandal hits Fergie; FA ready to launch probe.

TWO of Manchester's top young footballers - United's Lee Sharpe and Nicky Summerbee at City - were last night at the centre of an alleged sex and drugs scandal.

And today their rival managers, Alex Ferguson and Alan Ball, will be quizzing the two idols over the sensational claims.

In an amazing outburst Sharpe is said to have confessed he used to smoke pot.

He allegedly gave it up for fear of failing the game's strict drugs tests.

But once he retires from football, the pounds 6,000-a-week Old Trafford star plans to sail round the Caribbean getting "really stoned", it was reported.

Sharpe, 24, is said to have revealed his drugs past as he tried to charm two girls into a four-in-the-bed orgy in a hotel room.

When they turned him down he allegedly promised to return with a supply of poppers - the legal love-drug amyl-nitrate - to get them in the mood.

The shocking claims in a Sunday newspaper were made by distraught teenager Lindsay Pender, who described how another football ace had also tried to lure her into other sleazy acts.

Lindsay, 18, claimed pounds 1.5million Manchester City star Nicky Summerbee, 23, had made love to her in front of a line-up if naked men - then asked if she wanted to have sex with any of them.

The curvy blonde also said he suggested setting up another romp - complete with cannabis.

FA bosses are now expected to call for a report into the allegations in the light of their crackdown on drugs in the sport. Sharpe is said to have made the shock revelations in Lindsay's room at the plush Ramada Hotel in Manchester's city centre after begging her and a her pal to take him and his friend Matt back.

He reportedly told how when he used to smoke cannabis he had to be careful as traces would stay in his system for three weeks.

Sharpe - who shares his pounds 450,000 mansion near Altrincham, Cheshire, with grilfriend Lisa Crute - allegedly added: "I can't touch it any more because you never know when you're going to get tested.

"I'll retire at 32 and as soon as I do I'm going to buy a big boat, sit on the back of it and sail around the Caribbean.

"And I'm going to have a spliff (cannabis joint) a foot long and get really stoned.

"But until then I won't touch anything apart from a couple of bottles of Budweiser.

"What's the point - I'd kiss my wages goodbye."

He also allegedly revealed his terror at having a drugs test 18 months ago.

"I'd hardly had anything. But if I sit around my mate's house and he's smoking then I'm inhaling - that's passive smoking.

"If I get tested then it's not going to show."
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Title Annotation:Sport
Author:Whitty, Fiona
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 10, 1996
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