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LEE'S DADDY OF ALL DILEMMAS; EASTENDERS LEE'S DADDY OF ALL DILEMMAS; Friendly Martin offers a morose Lee a shoulder to cry on.

Martin offers Lee some advice after he tells him that he is worried about becoming a father. With wise words ringing in his ears, Lee decides to cook a romantic meal for Whitney but panics when he realises that an abortion leaflet he was reading has gone missing.

Later in the week, Mick confronts Lee about the leaflet he found and the pair have a heart-to-heart, causing a concerned Mick to open up about his own anxious feelings about fatherhood.

Whitney worries when she gets a call from the doctors asking her to come in. At the surgery, the doctor tells her that she has chlamydia but they're confident they've caught it in time. Lee feels terrible - will this force him to tell his pregnant girlfriend about his one-night stand with Abi?

An amorous Kush invites Denise to Martin's birthday celebrations with an ulterior motive but is irritated when Carmel and Shakil show up too.

As the residents remain in shock over Paul's untimely death, Louise tries to take the pressure off Phil by looking after The Arches. It's not long before she realises that she has bitten off more than she can chew, and asks Jay for help.

RIVER CITY Bob comes to Patrick's aid, who has spent the night in police custody after attempting to break into his former care home. He pleads with Bob to take him to the address of the man who abused him as a child. Seeing his brother in a bad state, Bob urges Patrick to tell the whole truth to Scarlett and Angel.

Cassie prepares Angus ahead of their important home office interview but he is definitely not in the right mindset.

Alasdair tries to keep the good news about his health from Molly, who wants him to leave her flat.

NEIGHBOURS A desperate Paul tries to stop Amy's secret past becoming a salacious news story in the West Waratah Star but his efforts prove fruitless when he discovers that vindictive Tom Collins is the new editor.

With fire in his belly, Paul also makes plans to put a bid in for Lassiter's, resolving that his first act as the new owner will be to sack Terese as the ultimate act of revenge.

In a bid to get over Jack for good, impulsive Paige throws an impromptu pool party but ends up getting in a clinch.

HOME AND AWAY Nate is angry when he catches Ricky attempting to hide a birthday card for Casey from Brax. Realising that their marriage is not working, he tells Brax to come to Summer Bay to talk to Ricky, as she is now a free woman. Brax appeals to her and asks if she and baby Casey will live with him. Will she agree?

Josh resolves to hand himself in for Charlotte's murder but, at the station, he is shocked to discover that Andy has already confessed to the crime, which sends shockwaves around the Bay.

CORONATION STREET Leanne is concerned when she suffers stomach pains while chatting with Michelle on the street, who realises she is pregnant and gets Tim to drive them both to the hospital.

As Leanne waits anxiously for her scan, she tells Michelle that the pregnancy is the result of a one-night stand. Later, as Michelle relays the day's events to Steve, she suggests that they should have a baby of their own. Will he agree?

Todd is delighted when he receives a text from Billy, causing Eileen to become suspicious.

HOLLYOAKS Nico asks Peri to accompany her on a camping trip and she reluctantly agrees. Once in the woods, the pair find a deserted bunker and head inside. It's not long before they discover that they are trapped and Nico intimates that Jade must have locked them in.

An incredulous Peri pulls the door to escape, but it causes a wooden beam to fall on top of her. Will a disturbed and dangerous Nico let her die?

Neeta helps Jesse and Adam at the salon and Mac offers to help too so he can keep an eye on Neeta. Later, scheming Marnie asks Neeta to model for a photoshoot they are arranging.

EMMERDALE Lachlan's mood darkens after Lawrence humiliates him in front of Gabby. The next day, still wounded over his humiliation, Lachlan tells Chrissie he has plans for his birthday, but later Lawrence is shocked to find his grandson waiting with a loaded shotgun.

The pair tussle for the gun and Chrissie hears a shot go off. Horrified, she runs in to find Lawrence on the floor. Meanwhile, Andy is waiting for Chrissie at their picnic spot, unaware of the drama.

Rhona offers to look after April so Marlon can spend time with Carly - although he protests he doesn't fancy her. Wanting to throw people off the scent, Marlon invites Harriet on a cosy date but, later, feels bad when he realises that it would have been Carly's son's birthday.


DOUBTS . Dad-to-be Lee

ARREST Patrick


TRAPPED Nico and Peri
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Date:Jul 24, 2016
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