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LED Light Manager.

Smart Vision Lights' LED Light Manager (LLM) addresses lighting control needs of multi-light machine vision solutions, including photometric 3D, multispectral, and other multi-light or large-area inspection systems.

The LLM drives up to four separate lights of virtually any type, or up to four individual quadrants or channels, within an integrated photometric or multispectral ring light solution. The LLM can manage multiple lights operating in continuous, Multi-Drive, or OverDrive modes.

By capturing successive images of a stationary object as it is illuminated by a sequence of lights, photometric image processing software can determine the 3D surface orientation of every pixel across the object's surface. The same technique can generate 2D images of multiple regions of interest using separate lights and cameras. LLM's browser-based user interface makes it possible for technicians of any skill level to set image sequences and program intensities for each light.


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Title Annotation:Illumination
Publication:Imaging and Machine Vision Europe
Date:Jun 1, 2018
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