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Byline: By Moira Sharkey South Wales Echo

Students on a new degree course will be as interested in their lecturer's body as his mind - because of his love for exotic tattoos.

Dr Stuart Ross even celebrated starting work in the new psychology department in the University of Wales, Newport, by getting a tattoo of a Welsh dragon on his leg.

The 40-year-old, who was lecturing in Northampton before moving to Newport, became interested in body art several years ago when he was counselling a tattooist suffering from acute depression.

'I found the best way to talk to him was to visit him at his tattoo parlour,' said Dr Ross, who is originally from Townhead in Glasgow.

'I noticed he opened up more as he worked, so I asked him to give me a tattoo - and became hooked on body art after that.

'This led me to make a study of the various kinds of people who have themselves tattooed, and why they do it.

'It's a fascinating subject for a psychologist, and I have discovered that the main difference between people who have tattoos and those who don't is that people who have tattoos don't care if you have them or not.'

Dr Ross, a keen singer who has won several karaoke competitions, added: 'One of the first things I did on moving to Newport to take up my new post, was to check out the local tattoo parlours - and have a Welsh dragon tattooed on my leg.'

Psychology is one of several new courses being offered by the university next term.

Others include Performing Arts, Digital Special Effects and Computer Game design.

For more information on courses call the university on 01633 432432.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 14, 2004
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