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LEBANON - May 16 - US Blocks $35M Aid.

The US House of Representatives blocks $35m in aid to Beirut in the latest blow for the government of Rafik Hariri. The House vote - which needs ratification by the Senate - would prevent the transfer of the remainder $50m package. (Pres. Bush has supported Hariri's effort to win international assistance to ease the burden of the $25 bn public debt. But Washington has also demanded that Beirut deploy troops along its southern border, a region vacated by Israel in May 2000. The government works closely with Syria, which seeks a pressure-point to help return the Golan, part of Syria occupied by Israel since 1967. Damascus backs Hizbollah, the Lebanese resistance movement, in continuing attacks on Israeli forces in Shebaa Farms - an area on the Lebanese-Syria border occupied by Israel - where Hizbollah has killed three Israeli soldiers and captured three others. Hizbollah's attacks at Israeli forces in Shebaa Farms continued this week, triggering fierce Israeli retaliation - see Arabs-Israel).
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:May 19, 2001
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