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LEAVING A LEGACY: Parents carry out daughter's final wishes to support veterans.

Victoria Lovelace grew up admiring the sacrifice of service members and veterans alike. Her parents, Army Maj. Harold and Shirley Birth, met abroad. Harold was stationed in the U.K., and Shirley was working at the embassy. They shared a love story born of military service.

Shirley recalls her daughter's sincere compassion for those military members and veterans like her father. But even Shirley didn't realize that her daughter's compassion would eventually lead her to make a final legacy gift to support veterans on her daughter's behalf.

Victoria lost her battle to cancer a little over a year ago, leaving her parents in charge of settling her affairs and carrying out her final wishes. One of Victoria's desires was to leave a legacy gift to DAV, through which she could honor her dad's sacrifice.

The Births are still grieving the loss of their daughter but were proud to help carry out one of her final, but most inspirational, wishes. Through her gift, Victoria's kindness will ensure countless veterans receive help when they need it most.

Unfortunately, many people never get around to finalizing their desires. In fact, approximately 55% of Americans die without a will, which leaves decisions about their estates up to the courts. Of those who do leave a will, only about 4% leave any type of gift to charity.

Thanks to those who choose to leave legacy gifts--people like Victoria--DAV is able to continue serving our country's wounded heroes in a meaningful way.

Naming DAV in your estate plans has never been easier. You can name us in your will or trust, or as the beneficiary of an insurance policy, financial account and/or investment account. Even a small percentage can make a huge difference in the work we do.

If you decide to name DAV in your estate plans, we would love to know so we can thank you and ensure you have the correct information. Sadly, we didn't have the chance to thank Victoria, but we are grateful to have met and thanked her parents.

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Publication:DAV Magazine
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Date:Jul 1, 2019
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