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 ROCKVILLE, Md., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- INTERSOLV, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: ISLI) today expanded its roster of PVCS-enabled Partners, announcing a series of agreements with five defect tracking vendors for its market leading software configuration management (SCM) package. Qualtrak Corporation, Scopus Technology, Inc., The Software Edge Inc., and The Vantive Corporation join Repository Technologies, Inc. in the latest round of marketing and development agreements with INTERSOLV to provide links to PVCS. INTERSOLV now has more than 20 third-party software tool providers shipping the PVCS API.
 Defect tracking systems automate and track the change resolution and bug fix processes of software development for improved quality assurance. Integrating these tools to PVCS gives users seamless access to SCM development libraries, adding cross team support, security, audit trails, and historical information on the application. Used in combination, the tools allow users to predict the impact of code changes, reuse code easily, simplifying bug fixes, and improve overall productivity.
 Users of the following defect tracking systems will have seamless access to the version control and configuration management functionality of PVCS:
 -- Qualtrak's Distributed Defect Tracking System (DDTs);
 -- Scopus' ProTEAM - QualityTEAM, SupportTEAM;
 -- The Software Edge's Defect Control System;
 -- The Vantive Corporation's Vantive Quality and Vantive Support;
 -- Repository Technologies' Customer First/Control First
 "Integration is a critical issue for us," said Kem Myers, manager of regulatory affairs at Kodak's Health Imaging Systems, Inc. "We use Qualtrak DDTs and INTERSOLV PVCS to automate and track the process of problem resolution and add a level of security demanded by the FDA guidelines for complaint files and document control. Problem tracking used to be a chaotic manual task. Now, the time it takes to disperse and fix assignments has been cut by 80 percent. The combination of DDTs and PVCS has allowed us to capture and conduct trend analysis, tracking how often problems occur and how long it takes to correct them. True integration between the two products will help make our jobs even easier."
 "As client/server developers tackle bugs and enhancements with problem tracking systems, they now have the benefit of accessing PVCS to provide security, reuse and audit trails," said Bill Gannon Jr., research director of Sentry Market Research. "PVCS provides a heterogeneous environment for the developers, and with its new links, ensures tight integration of version and defect control for rapid and high-quality fixes."
 INTERSOLV's PVCS Enablement strategy offers customers a single SCM approach that spans all of the popular operating systems, workbenches and object types found in the client/server development environment. This strategy is implemented through a combination of internally developed technology, the PVCS Developer's Toolkit and joint development with other vendors under the PVCS-Enablement Program. The PVCS Developer's Toolkit offers a robust API with which partners can tightly integrate PVCS within their products. To date, more than 20 software development vendors have elected to "PVCS-enable" their applications.
 "Client/server applications are developed in an open world, across multiple platforms and require a full suite of tools," said Kevin Burns, president of INTERSOLV. "With INTERSOLV PVCS we offer the infrastructure and control mechanism for that open world. With our new defect tracking partners we now support 20 workbenches, 11 operating systems, and 10 types of development objects. No matter how you approach client/server development, PVCS is the environment of choice for productive team development."
 PVCS is a component of the INTERSOLV Development Suite, a family of development tools used individually to fill tactical gaps, or in combination to form a complete client/server development environment. PVCS leverages team productivity of LAN-based developers by automating software configuration management. Using "PVCS-enabled" products, developers benefit from team development; protection against overwrites; reusability; rollback capabilities; extensive reporting; and a secure auditable development environment.
 PVCS links are embedded in Repository Technologies' Customer First/Control First, which is available now. Beta programs are underway with the other vendors, and shipment is planned in the second quarter of 1994.
 INTERSOLV specializes in software development for the new enterprise. The company offers customers the benefits of one stop-shopping and single vendor service across a wide spectrum of client/server technologies. INTERSOLV products deliver high productivity on simple projects and are powerful enough to handle the scalability requirements of production-grade information systems without retooling. More than 150,000 developers at more than 11,500 sites worldwide use INTERSOLV solutions.
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