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LEAD introduces LEADTOOLS WIN32 4.0 Imaging Software Development Toolkit; Toolkit adds image compression and processing to NT, WIN95 and WIN32s applications.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 16, 1995--LEAD Technologies announced today that it is shipping LEADTOOLS WIN32 version 4.0, a royalty-free C/C++ toolkit that allows software developers to add file format support, image compression, manipulation and processing to any Windows NT, WIN95 and WIN32s application. LEADTOOLS can enhance applications such as image databases, printing and drawing programs, multimedia titles and improve the transmission of high-quality compressed images over phone lines or networks.

"LEADTOOLS WIN32 gives developers the ability to incorporate image compression, file format support and image processing into their 32-bit applications," said Moe Daher, Vice President of Engineering. "The new WIN32 version includes all the capabilities of our other LEADTOOLS products and allows developers to build an application which will run under all Microsoft Windows environments including Windows 3.x, Windows NT, WIN95 and WIN32s."

LEADTOOLS supports standard 16-bit Windows development as well as a 32-bit development using WIN32s, WIN95 or Windows NT. The toolkit provides 27 image processing operations and supports over 42 file formats including Kodak Photo CD, PCX, GIF, TGA, BMP, TIFF, CCITT G3 & G4, IMG, CAL, MAC, PICT, JPEG (56 flavors of the JPEG file interchange format) JFIF, JTIF, LEAD CMP and more. LEAD'S proprietary CMP algorithm will deliver a smaller file size with less image degradation than the same image compressed with JPEG. LEADTOOLS WIN32 allows developers to integrate total imaging into applications quickly and easily. LEADTOOLS WIN32 gives developers all the advantages of a 32-bit operating system including better speed and no resource limits. The WIN32 environment offers workstation-class capabilities.

LEADTOOLS can also be used as a Windows DLL, (3.x, NT, WIN95, WIN32s), a DOS library, or a Visual Basic/Visual C++ custom control. The royalty free toolkits start at $995. (There are licensing fees associated with the LEADTOOLS Express versions.) The products are all available directly from LEAD Technologies as well as through authorized distributors and resellers including LifeBoat Distribution, Programmer's Paradise, Programmer's Shop, Provantage, Soft/Export (LEAD Technologies' International Distributor) and Developer's Workshop (LEAD Technologies' Canadian distributor) LEAD Technologies, Inc. is an industry-leader in the field of image compression, selling technology to over 2000 developers and OEMs, including Corel Corporation for use in CorelDRAW 4 and CorelDRAW 5 and Inset for use in HiJaak. Other OEM clients include Adobe, ABDick, AT&T, Canon, Compaq, Delrina, IBM, Kodak, Martin Marietta, Olympus, Prodigy, Sharp Electronics, 3M, Truevision and Xerox. LEAD's products include LEADVIEW 3.0 for Windows, an image management tool aimed at end-users, LEADTOOLS, a family of imaging developer toolkits and TripleSpace, a data compression technology aimed at OEMs. Founded in 1990, LEAD is the industry-leading supplier of imaging software development toolkits.

CONTACT: LEAD Technologies, Inc., Charlotte

Deborah Bourgeois, 704/332-5532, ext. 1235 or

Richard McCabe, 704/332-5532, ext. 1238


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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 16, 1995
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