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LEAD: Police confirm soldiers involved in Jakarta bombings.

JAKARTA, Sept. 26 Kyodo


Indonesian police confirmed Tuesday that two of the 27 men arrested as suspects in a series of bombings over the past two months in Jakarta are from the military, including one from the army's elite Special Force Command (KOPASSUS).

National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Dadang Garnida said two new suspects were arrested Sunday in Bandung, the capital of West Java Province, one of whom was an army chief sergeant in KOPASSUS.

''His name is Irwan and he was the one who planted the bomb in the Jakarta Stock Exchange building,'' Dadang told reporters, referring to a Sept. 13 incident that claimed the lives of 10 people.

The leading newspaper Kompas reported Irwan belonged to the force's demolition unit.

Dadang said the other suspect was a civilian, correcting previous reports indicating both suspects arrested Sunday were from the military.

However, one of the 25 suspects arrested in Jakarta on Saturday was also a soldier, he said.

''I haven't been able to confirm his name, rank and corps because he is still being treated at hospital after being shot by police chasing him, but he has been under the detention of the military police,'' he said.

According to Dadang, the second soldier was originally detained for drug possession, but a preliminary investigation found he was also involved in the bombings.

Dadang said both soldiers are from the Pidie Regency in the restive province of Aceh.

Although pro-independence rebels in Aceh have denied any involvement in the series of bombings, Indonesian police have said they are open to the possibility of Acehnese rebels being involved.

Most of the suspects arrested are from Aceh Province, where rebels of the Free Aceh Movement are fighting for an independent country.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Oct 2, 2000
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