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LCP gains control with Axon's Cerebrum.

La Chaine Parlementaire-AssemblEe nationale (LCP), the TV channel of the French National Assembly, has installed Axon's Cerebrum control and monitoring system as part of a major upgrade of its news production facilities.

The channel, which broadcasts round-the-clock over satellite, cable, over-the-top (OTT), IPTV and digital terrestrial TV with debates and commentary on major national and global political issues, has switched its entire infrastructure to HD--now the default format in France. As part of this upgrade, technical equipment was also renewed to streamline the workflow and improve control and monitoring.

LCP operates two studios and two control rooms located on different sites. These are linked by fibre-optic cables with control and monitoring provided by a single Cerebrum system. This is integrated with a Riedel decentralised MediorNet/MicroN IP router that offers advanced processing and routing capabilities via modular I/O video blocks.

Using fully customisable remote panels, Cerebrum manages all of the equipment connected to the router, including a video mixer, an audio console, multi-images, intercom, tally and universal device manager (UDM).

Cerebrum was key to the success of the project, revealed Jerome Monteil, general manager of Ericsson's Broadcast Service France, who undertook the design, integration and installation of the project.

Monteil detailed: "[Cerebrum] interfaces beautifully with Riedel's MediorNet router and with other third-party equipment in LCP's workflow.

"Cost of ownership was also a factor: using floating licences, Cerebrum offers exceptional value for money and, thanks to its intuitive design, it is very easy to add new products to the broadcast chain. We are also able to modify the system internally, which lowers the cost of maintenance and service."

Besides LCP, Cerebrum has also been

Primestream releases new version of FORK

With a specific focus on performance and efficiency, Primestream's FORK production and automation platform now comes with enhanced features.

For instance, FORK 5.5's Content Navigator now comes with dynamic interface views based on the task at hand, while increased baseband I/O throughput and efficiency improves native MXF and 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) workflows, said Primestream.

FORK is also equipped with Primestream's Xchange platform, a Web-based, enterprise-ready software platform that offers single and multi-site operations global access to their content and workflows.

FORK 5.5 also brings a new Media Processing Framework (MPF) and Media Player Recorder (MPR), which enables native reading and writing of MXF-based and Atom-based files such as MP4 video. This allows users to work with leading broadcast formats while leveraging Atom-based file formats for creating proxy assets and the delivery of Web content. deployed by international operators such as France 24, Sky and the BBC. Designed for news and studio live production, as well as master control, mobile and remote production, users can combine Cerebrum's SNMP (simple network management protocol) and third-party protocols to support virtually every piece of equipment in a broadcaster's workflow, said Axon.


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Date:May 1, 2017
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