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LCD Voltmeter.

Lascar Electronics has introduced its SP5 1710-BL Voltmeter with a large, clear LCD that shows a 17-position "analog" style display. Essentially a voltmeter with a full scale deflection of 1V, this module can be used in many places where a quick indication of level, rather than an exact reading, may be required. The needle on the SP5 1710-BL can be center or left justified to suit a variety of applications, and the LCD features a permanent color scale and markers to identify the status of the measurement. The ultra low profile, splash-proof housing also contains a vivid green LED backlight that allows the module to be seen in all environments. The instrument has been designed for ease of use in small and high volumes. The price is $39.51 ($23.71 in OEM quantities of 250+). Lascar Electronics.


For more information enter InfoLINK 124-50201-161 at or call 800-441-6180

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Title Annotation:Test & Measurement
Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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