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LCA-Vision Opens Tenth U.S. Laser Eye Surgery Center in Florida To Serve Large Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater Metro Area.

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 22, 1996--

Company Expects To Have 17 Locations Worldwide by Year's End

LCA Vision, Inc. (NASDAQ:LCAV), a leading player in the fast-growing laser eye surgery sector, today announced the opening of its tenth free-standing U.S. facility -- in St. Petersburg, Florida -- to serve the Tampa Bay- St. Petersburg metropolitan area. The St. Petersburg site will be a temporary location until early 1997 when the company expects to move to much larger permanent quarters now under construction in near-by Clearwater.

LCA-Vision currently also operates a center in Helsinki, Finland, two in Canada, and plans to open facilities in Buffalo and Albany, New York; Mountain View, California, and Columbus, Ohio, before the end of the year for a total of 17 locations, worldwide.

LCA Vision CEO Dr. Stephen Joffe said: "The company's rollout schedule continues on target with the Florida opening -- as does the number of procedures now being performed at each of our operating facilities. Our research indicates Florida should be a particularly strong market for laser eye surgery."

Dr. Stephen Updegraff will act as Medical Director of the new Center which will launch operations with seven other prominent local ophthalmologists serving on its Medical Board. Diane Boyd serves as the Center's chief administrator.

Laser eye surgery, or photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) as it is known medically, is a quick, painless, non-incisional method for correcting near-sightedness and other corneal defects, using a burst of safe laser energy. It was approved by the FDA in October of l995 after a multi-year investigation involving some 2,500 efficacy and safety clinical trials at major medical centers across the nation.

Nearly 5,000 procedures, with a success rate of 98 percent correcting vision to 20/40 or better, have been performed at LCA-Vision's Toronto site which opened in August, 1991, soon after PRK was approved in the Dominion.

In addition to its growing international chain of laser eye surgery centers, LCA-Vision manages laser, and other minimally invasive, surgery programs in major medical hospitals and medical centers across the U.S., providing cost-effective administrative, physician training and marketing support.

CONTACT: Dr. Stephen N. Joffe, MD, FACS

LCA-Vision Inc.

(513) 792-9292


Joel Pomerantz

The Dilenschneider Group

(212) 922-0900
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 22, 1996
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