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LBS pipeline is "one-stop" shopping for AIP.

"LBS provides a [distribution] pipeline for our new TV productions," said David Winters, chairman and president of the Los Angeles-based AIP Studios. LBS Communications' recent agreement with AIP Studios to distribute AIP-produced movies domestically via syndication, cable and pay-per-view, as well as their library for domestic and international TV, has created "one-stop" shopping for AIP. "LBS is a well-respected major distributor that has the capacity as both a barter and syndication bi-costal company, to clear stations for us."

The $15 million deal calls for the delivery over 50 action-adventure films from both AIP's library and its current release schedule to LBS for distribution, while both AIP's theatrical domestic division and TV division (domestically and internationally) have been newly-formed.

The first three AIP movies in the "LBS World Premiere Movies" package are Future Zone; starring David Carradine, which premieres in June; Firehead, in theatrical release, debuting in August; and Raw Nerve, scheduled for early 1992. It is AIP's hope that Firehead could be made into a back door on-air pilot. AIP already has network-approved writers, producers, and directors for this endeavor. Other major points call for LBS to syndicate AIP movies, in English and Spanish, for domestic broadcast beginning in October.

In negotiation are two major deals: Universal Distribution to handle AIP's domestic home video in the U.S. and, with RCA Columbia, for distributing home video in the foreign market. Tom Buhl Video represents AIP in Scandinavia. AIP also has their own video distribution company in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Boasts Winters, "We have 18 per cent of the market share in Puerto Rico, which is sold all over the U.S. We are doing bigger numbers than Paramount is."

"As an independent, cash flow is always slow. We are the last to get paid," said Winters, explaining why he chose to make these unions. "By lining ourselves with the majors, we will have a worldwide pipeline in all areas."

AIP's first RCA Columbia video is The Revenger, which was just released in England. "It is better for us to find people with expertise. Umbrella organizations like RCA Columbia have the money to sustain our sales force," added Winters.

Since its inception four years ago, AIP has produced 40 films in-house. Winters is joining LBS in C&D's booth at MIP.

C&D is LBS' Paris-based official agent for Europe and Canada.
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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