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Drug dealer 'thought cocaine was pain relief for toothache' FORMER ACCOUNTANT STOPPED IN LUXURY CAR BY POLICE JAILED AFTER LATER ADMITTING HIS GUILT. Sep 17, 2021 500
Pervert filmed two women kissing in their home; CAPTURED ON CCTV AFTER CLAIMING HE WAS 'CURIOUS'. Sep 11, 2021 615
Dealers caught as they bagged up PS16k of cocaine; four-year jail sentences for drug duo who tried to smash evidence in raid. Sep 10, 2021 456
Pervert begs not to be sent to jail until he gets test results; masseur believes he has suffered stroke during trial. Sep 10, 2021 397
Heroin dealer said he was buying in bulk for his mum; judge hands out three-year jail term. Sep 9, 2021 449
Pensioner's bouncy castle business was cannabis farm front. Sep 7, 2021 595
'Obsessive' former pal jailed for harassment; STALKER MADE HUNDREDS OF PHONE CALLS TO HER CRUSH. Sep 4, 2021 504
Black eyes, broken teeth ... but abusive bully is SPARED jail; TERRIFIED SURVIVOR LEFT COVERED IN BLOOD BY ATTACK. Sep 1, 2021 610
Dangerous driving past of Jack's hit & run killer. Aug 31, 2021 425
Dad of 10 part of car theft gang who travelled in convoy to steal high-value cars; JAILED FOR HIS ROLE AS DRIVER IN 'SOPHISTICATED' OPERATION. Aug 28, 2021 489
Couple spared jail for sickening puppy abuse; maya suffered broken ribs and head trauma. Aug 27, 2021 335
'His life was gone in a single moment for reasons we don't understand' 'COWARDLY, CALLOUS' DRIVER JAILED FOR 40 MONTHS. Aug 24, 2021 849
Teen in vicious attack on his daughter's puppy; THUG HURLED DEFENCELESS KYRO TO THE GROUND. Aug 14, 2021 356
Dealer mum used weed to cope with back pain; 33-year-old sold cocaine to pay off drug debts. Aug 13, 2021 368
Yob sold sick puppies on Facebook and kept dogs under stairs; banned from keeping animals for five years. Aug 13, 2021 708
Taxman's sick library of child abuse images; PERVERT HAD MORE THAN 4,000 VILE PICTURES AND SHARED SOME WITH FELLOW PAEDOPHILE. Aug 12, 2021 530
Mum's boiling water attack left neighbour scarred and unable to nurse her baby; BUT SHE WALKS FREE FROM COURT BECAUSE OF HER OWN KIDS. Aug 10, 2021 468
My secateurs ordeal is over; Weapon charge against former gang member is dropped after two years. Aug 8, 2021 560
'Violent' thug harassed woman after break-up; She suffered campaign of threats and false claims to work bosses. Aug 8, 2021 872
Pervert said girl, 14, 'unfair' for not sending a topless photo. Aug 7, 2021 444
Lout threw stool at pub window after being ejected; 'ANGRY' DRINKER FINED PS1.8K OVER SMASHED WINDOW. Aug 6, 2021 415
'Brothers Grim' both now jailed for cocaine conspiracy; both members of high parkers gang. Aug 5, 2021 602
Man hit his wife in face in hotel row; PUNCHED HER IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN DURING AN ARGUMENT. Aug 5, 2021 467
Masseur 'sexually assaulted 6 women during treatments'. Aug 3, 2021 664
Couple in court charged with the murder of their baby son. Aug 3, 2021 407
Shower vid perv caught with 14 illegal devices. Jul 29, 2021 491
'You don't want to go to jail ... we all make mistakes' THUG BEATS GIRL TO THE GROUND AND SAYS HE WON'T STOP UNTIL SHE'S DEAD ... MAGISTRATE LETS HIM WALK FREE AND TELLS HIM:. Jul 28, 2021 365
Driver admits killing Patrick; 22-year-old told to expect jail sentence. Jul 27, 2021 315
Child abuser left girls in tatters with campaign of depraved attacks; monster jailed for 17 years. Jul 24, 2021 432
Machete thug targeted teen over innocent remark to son; 'protective' dad launched vicious attack. Jul 24, 2021 507
Managers went on rampage at luxury hotel following row over chef's sacking; PAIR SOUGHT REVENGE ON OWNER IN 'DISGRACEFUL STATE OF AFFAIRS'. Jul 23, 2021 658
Hit-and-run driver admits killing Jack, 15, in bike smash horror; fellow pupils and procession of bikers attended teen's funeral. Jul 22, 2021 369
LFC ticket scammers walk free; duo get suspended sentences despite stealing thousands with non-existent tickets. Jul 21, 2021 554
Car crash mum was four times over drink drive limit; she left boozy party with daughter in passenger seat after being 'unsettled by violent incident'. Jul 21, 2021 473
Cat escapes death by a whisker after suffering in terrible pain; owner guilty of causing unnecessary suffering. Jul 19, 2021 452
Mum slashed victim's face while high on cocaine; Jail term after woman was left scarred in attack. Jul 18, 2021 573
Wanted suspect leapt from moving car after 90mph police chase; man acquitted over drug plot is now jailed for his driving. Jul 16, 2021 418
Pervert with sick child rape fantasy claimed he was a paedo hunter; Online chat was with undercover cop. Jul 11, 2021 504
Dad knocked out by yobs who jeered at his daughters; Man was punched then kicked in the head after yobs shouted sexualised comments at girls. Jul 11, 2021 744
Firm admits failings over tugboat tragedy; ENGINEER IAN DIED AFTER FALLING INTO FREEZING MERSEY. Jul 2, 2021 382
Paedophile former kids entertainer asked 'girl' to lift skirt. Jul 1, 2021 522
Train yobs launched terrifying machete attack on brothers; passengers fled in horror as teens slashed victims as part of ongoing 'feud'. Jul 1, 2021 683
Twisted dad killed and cooked son's beloved pet rabbit; HEARTBROKEN TOT WEPT 'I MISS MY BUNNY' AFTER EX HURLED SEVERED HEAD AT MUM. Jun 30, 2021 607
Prison officer's relationship with inmate; jailed officer went on to have baby with criminal. Jun 26, 2021 583
'I'm going to have to kill you', man told his terrified ex; VIOLENT THREAT TO STAB FORMER PARTNER. Jun 24, 2021 574
Pervert's bid to meet 'teen girl' with chocolate; paedophile was snared by officer posing as child. Jun 23, 2021 608
Mum 'lives, eats and sleeps' in room of only daughter killed by scrambler yob. Jun 23, 2021 806
Stoned yob on stolen scrambler bike killed 'beautiful' woman; speeding rider mounted pavement and hit pedestrian. Jun 22, 2021 797
Nurse found sick images as she helped patient to use WiFi; horrified nursing home called police after discovery. Jun 18, 2021 420
'I didn't kill her ... but I wanted to' pensioner's 'confession' to police after trying to strangle his wife. Jun 18, 2021 492
Drink-driver led police on 80mph chase after he was caught driving on New Brighton prom. Jun 17, 2021 583
20-year-old spared jail after 'kneecap' threats over phone; PARTYGOERS RANTED AT VICTIM FOLLOWING SEX ATTACK CLAIMS. Jun 12, 2021 406
Care worker's 'nasty assault' remorse of woman who mistreated victim and let down others. Jun 10, 2021 456
Taxi driver high on drugs had customer in his car; dad-of-three banned from the road. Jun 9, 2021 416
Woman lost foot after boyfriend crashed his bike; SHE HAD TOLD HIM THEIR RELATIONSHIP WAS OVER. Jun 9, 2021 560
Nan of 12's threats to burn down terrified OAP's home; neighbour left 'fearful in her own house' after row with 56-year-old. Jun 8, 2021 512
Engineer led double life bragging about massive drug deals; crook caught after sending a selfie on encrochat. Jun 8, 2021 425
MAN JAILED FOR DUMPING SHOTGUN IN WHEELIE BIN; Neighbour found weapon while putting rubbish out. May 30, 2021 504
Paedophile didn't tell his new partner about his sinister past; 30-year-old moved in with woman and her children. May 28, 2021 511
Officers jailed for covering up colleague's assault on man; bent coppers turned off their bodycams during attack. May 28, 2021 732
Students' lockdown flat rave 'got out of hand' THREE WERE FINED PS10,000 BUT ENDED UP IN COURT AFTER THEY WERE UNABLE TO PAY. May 26, 2021 458
'You have to live knowing you killed the love of your life' high court judge's ruling on 'truly tragic case'. May 22, 2021 650
Dad in a fake police uniform tried to steal wine from store; HE TOLD OFFICERS HIS COSTUME WAS FOR RE-ENACTMENTS WITH FRIENDS. May 22, 2021 656
Teen charged with murder has plea date adjourned; NIGEL DIAKITE IS ACCUSED OF KILLING YOUNG MUM. May 22, 2021 223
Barber tried to bring PS1m worth of cocaine into city for PS500 Scott to to. May 20, 2021 496
Paedophile's library search for sick sites; pervert looked for underwear images. May 20, 2021 530
WOMAN'S ORDEAL WITH CONTROLLING & ABUSIVE PARTNER; Losing baby would be 'funny', vile bully told her. May 16, 2021 617
Thug is spared jail after he sprayed 'paedo' on man's car; Innocent victim feared machete attack in street. May 16, 2021 606
Second teenager appears in court over man's death; 15-year-old charged with manslaughter. May 15, 2021 260
Taxi driver put tracker on ex's car; stalking started after former partner began new relationship. May 14, 2021 525
Trial date set over stabbing of couple; woman, 21, charged with double attempted murder. May 14, 2021 274
Fugitive told police 'I won't hand myself in' 'jesus lookalike' spent seven months on the run. May 14, 2021 372
Mum accused of having baby with boy she sexually abused. May 13, 2021 207
'Cold cup of tea' sparked attack on NHS workers; patient's ouburst caused 'carnage' at hospital. May 12, 2021 707
Nightmare neighbour had once stabbed her own sister; 25-year-old ruined disabled mum's eyesight in horrific attack. May 10, 2021 506
Woman had to 'play dead' to escape violent thug; MUM STRANGLED UNTIL SHE 'COULDN'T BREATHE' BY POSSESSIVE BOYFRIEND. May 7, 2021 513
Scrambler dealer yob was raised 'impeccably' - mum; pair jailed after cocaine, heroin and cash found on them. May 7, 2021 473
Man denies murdering mum-of-three; 45-year-old to face trial later in the year. May 5, 2021 255
JAILED FOR LIFE: Dad's killers showed 'no remorse' and 'left him in street to die' VICTIM'S FAMILY WERE 'NUMB WITH TERROR' AFTER ATTACK. May 1, 2021 795
Window cleaner conned elderly women out of PS11,000 - but is spared jail. Apr 30, 2021 442
Teens stamped on young mum; VICIOUS ATTACK IN ROW OVER JUST PS40. Apr 29, 2021 294
Cleared protesters glad to have 'justice'. Apr 29, 2021 353
Paedophile football coach catfished girl; pervert jailed after snapchat grooming. Apr 28, 2021 538
Three on trial after printing press protest. Apr 27, 2021 447
Man who dealt in 'misery and death' boasted he had 'cocaine coming out me ears' dad was falling deep into debt. Apr 24, 2021 488
Paedophile who knifed his mum's dog walks free following appeal. Apr 23, 2021 415
Drug dealing dad had his kids in flat; MAN HAD QUEUES OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE HOME. Apr 22, 2021 446
Man jumped into docks, then asked to go to prison. Apr 22, 2021 454
Sick paedophile groomed boy on chat app before abusing him; former football coach branded 'a danger' to boys. Apr 21, 2021 548
Woman admits stealing PS100K from youth team; husband denies fraud charge. Apr 20, 2021 368
Dealer's panic after Covid led to slowdown in drugs market; Quiet motorways give us away, secret chats revealed. Apr 18, 2021 689
Paedophile told police: I've stabbed my mum's dog to death; CONVICTED OFFENDER JAILED FOR SICKENING PET ATTACK. Apr 17, 2021 489
Cocaine-fuelled knifeman ran towards city McDonald's; told officers drug 'made him lose the plot'. Apr 14, 2021 388
Cocaine-dealing bride made PS60k; COURT ORDERS REPAYMENT OF PS300. Apr 14, 2021 384
Drug-dealing teen crashed stolen vehicle into police car; Dad-to-be jailed after leading police on two separate high-speed chases. Apr 11, 2021 740
Drunk climbed into woman's bedroom and tried to kiss her; TERRIFIED VICTIM AWOKE TO SEE HIM STANDING BY BED. Apr 10, 2021 639
Cocaine dealing dad-of-5 spared jail because of his children old's due in; the 24-year-old's 6th child is due to be born in two months. Apr 9, 2021 651

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