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Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has debuted the USB3-GigE VIP IO Board, extending the design interface options with the Video Interface Platform (VIP). Based on Lattice's Embedded Vision Development Kit, the VIP platform offers embedded system designers the flexibility of interchangeable input and output boards to simplify connectivity to a broad variety of video interfaces. The newly released USB3-GigE VIP IO Board complements existing VIP offering consisting of the ECP5 VIP Processor Board, CrossLink VIP Input Bridge Board, HDMI VIP Input and HDMI VIP Output Boards, and DisplayPort VIP Output and Input Boards.

The modular VIP platform provides designers with the ability to build an embedded vision prototyping system quickly by mixing and matching different input and output boards, eliminating cumbersome manual wiring and enabling faster time-to-market through a unified connector. At the base of the platform is the Embedded Vision Development Kit which combines the benefits of the CrossLink mobile bridging FPGA, the optimized ECP5 image signal processing FPGA, and the high-bandwidth, high-resolution HDMI ASSP onto a single, ready-to-use design platform. Lattice's new USB3-GigE VIP IO Board enables Ethernet connections at gigabit speeds and USB 3.0 connectivity, extending the VIP interface options, and ensuring simplified prototyping for embedded vision systems.

In addition to a variety of hardware options, Lattice's VIP offers IPs from 3rd party VIP ecosystem partners. IP options include commercial grade Image Signal Processing and networking stacks, Helion Vision's GigE Vision, and a variety of different sensor input boards and DisplayPort IP (including eDP support) from Bitec.

For more information about Lattice's VIP ecosystem and the USB3-GigE board, visit

For more information about Lattice's Embedded Vision Development Kit, visit /EmbeddedVisionDevelopmentKit.

About Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) is a provider of smart connectivity solutions at the network edge, where the things of IoT live. Their low power FPGA, 60 GHz millimeter wave, video ASSP and IP products deliver edge intelligence, edge connectivity, and control solutions to the consumer, communications, industrial, compute, and automotive markets.

For more information, visit or call 914/337-8801.

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Date:Jun 1, 2018

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