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LAST WORD: Terrace jokers chant be beat; A voice from north of Watford.


I'M sure like me you can find some words and phrases pretty hard to get out.

Verisimilitude is a real tongue twister of a word. And I find that the phrase 'it's my round' is one I can never quite master.

It's the same kind of trouble Arsene Wenger has with 'I saw the incident involving my player'.

No wonder, then that people get their words mixed up in the push, shove and heat of football matches.

Like the guy this week who reckoned he heard the words 'Sieg Heil' being chanted during a football match at Millwall.

And with the club continuing the fight to rid itself of a previous reputation, a lot of people were ready to believe it.

Red faces in some quarters when it was realised the chants of 'Sieg Heil' were in fact visiting Brighton fans singing 'Seagulls' in honour of their team.

But chants at football games can raise a smile more often than they raise eyebrows.

Like this week when the obviously diehard Notts County fan drowned out a poor radio reporter trying to cover the game as he repeatedly bellowed out his club's classic 'I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off'.

They don't write them like that any more. Thank goodness.

Chant of the week, though, came from Oxford United fans.

To the tune of the famous song from the musical Evita, they serenaded their new Argentinian manager with the ditty:

'Don't cry for me Ramon Diaz, the truth is we all hate Swindon!'

Wit, wisdom and a sense of humour still prevail on the terraces, and good on you Oxford fans for reminding us of that.

So happy Christmas, the drinks are on....

No, I'm afraid that's another phrase I still can't fully master.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 19, 2004
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