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LAST NIGHT; Slick Nick is smoothest operator on the ward.


THERE was love in the air conditioning at Holby City as Nick Jordan's hormones began jumping again.

No sooner had he appeared from the linen cupboard, followed by blushing nurse Ellie, than he was grappling with fellow doctor Kirstie.

It was David Wicks all over again as ex-EastEnders star Michael French got his tongue round his new role. The actor even looked like a reincarnation of Albert Square's used car dealer, with his sharp suit and intense gaze.

It was never going to be long before the surgical registrar got to grips with his colleague Kirstie. The pair have been dribbling over each other since the medical drama started.

But what became patently obvious last night was that Nick only wants what he can't have. And according to Kirstie, he can't have her.

She was desperate to get her white coat off when he finally made a move on her in an empty operating theatre. The ambitious young female doctor was experiencing all the symptoms of desire, from heaving chest to fluttering eyelashes.

Being a true professional, she backed off before Nick proved he was Holby City's smoothest operator. Kirstie wants him, but until she knows she is not just some antidote to his failed marriage, she won't fall for his charms.

The scene was as electrifying as you can get before the watershed and without a single flash of cleavage.

Kirstie is not the best looker on Holby's staff, with her stringy hair and nostrils you can see up from the other end of the ward, but she smouldered like Marilyn Monroe in Nick's arms.

The sign of great drama is when a scriptwriter and director can make a symphony out of a few notes and Holby City's creators have done that. It doesn't have the budget of er, but it is proving just as compelling.

When George Clooney comes sweeping on to our screens for his final er series tonight, he will have Michael French to contend with.

George might have the looks to give female viewers palpitations, but he has never raised the temperature in a linen cupboard.

Move over Dr Ross, your job might just be on the line.



AFTER an emotional day at court, Natalie Barnes (Denise Welch, left) makes a move she could live to regret. Meanwhile, Kevin faces the possibility of losing the girls to his estranged wife Sally.


COMEDY: Sex And The City (Channel 4, 10.00pm)

NEW comedy drama series lifting the skirt on the lives of four single women living in New York.

Ally McBeal gets a run for her money as the show's four gutsy characters show her what a real woman is.

Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Carrie, a New York columnist who writes about sex and society, relying on her own and her friends' experiences for her material.

After meeting an old flame at a birthday party, Carrie decides to behave like a man, leaving her emotions at the bedroom door.

The women's talk will raise a few eyebrows in this refreshing series that made American audiences blush.

DRAMA: er (Channel 4, 9.00pm)

THE American medical drama returns for a fifth series, with the emergency room's dish George Clooney taking his final bow.

As the actor prepares to leave the show that alerted millions of female viewers to his fatal charms, the action continues.

Lucy Knight (Kellie Martin) is the new kid on the block, following in John Carter's footsteps as a blundering medical student. The blonde doctor should set a few male pulses racing.

SCI-FI: The X Files (BBC1, 11.20pm)

FOX Mulder unearths more details about his past as he follows up a series of unsolved murder cases from 1952.

The case is typical X Files material - all the organs have been removed from the bodies.

While Mulder is figuring out why, he stumbles across information about his father's involvement in Cold War experiments with zombies.

FACTUAL: EX-S (BBC1, 9.30pm)

PORTRAIT of Scottish photographer David Eustace, an ex-prison officer turned snapper of the stars.

The Glasgow-based photographer, who has captured actors such as Mickey Rourke and Ewan McGregor on film, takes his camera to Beirut to document life in the war-torn city.

The resulting images contrast sharply with his portraits for glossy magazines such as Vogue and GQ.


THE FEMININE TOUCH (Channel 4, 1.50pm - 3.30pm) Student nurses learn the ropes at a training hospital. The mini-dramas are as starchy as the uniforms. With Belinda Lee, Delphi Lawrence, George Baker 1956

COMMAND IN HELL (Channel 5, 3.30pm - 5.20pm) Los Angeles actually - the infamous police department to be precise. Suzanne Pleshette is the unhappy officer in familiar cover-up melodrama 1988

DAISIES IN DECEMBER (BBC2, 4.25pm - 6.00pm) Tender drama about the romance that develops between two elderly tourists spending the winter at a seaside hotel 1995

TRIPLECROSS (Channel 5, 9.00pm - 10.50pm) Obsessive FBI agent Billy Dee Williams pursues jet-setting jewel thieves in con artist scam of ever decreasing circles. And waning interest. With Patrick Bergin, Michael Par 1995

DEADLY WHISPERS (BBC1, 12.05am - 1.40am; BBC1 England, 11.10pm - 12.45am) Did scrapyard dealer Tony Danza kill his missing teenage daughter? The police think so. Is Danza plain moody or could it be a case of what the doctors call MPD - multiple personality disorder? Yet another true-life teledrama, so the outcome should be clear. With Ving Rhames 1994

TRUE IDENTITY (ITV regions, times vary) Lenny Henry inherits a role begun by Eddie Murphy in a Saturday Night Live skit - an aspiring actor with a gift for mimicry. And all his skills are required when he goes into hiding from the Mob. Lightweight comedy, more silly than funny. With Frank Langella, J.T. Walsh, James Earl Jones 1991

WHAT A CRAZY WORLD (Channel 4, 4.20am - 5.50am) Joe Brown and Marty Wilde in a quaintly dated cockney pop show interrupted by a story here and there. With Susan Maughan, Harry H. Corbett, Avis Bunnage 1963




(Sky Premier, 8.00pm)

WOODY ALLEN departs from his usual black comedy, with this musical starring Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn, above, and Alan Alda.

The comedy of manners put to music focuses on a wealthy Manhattan family who fall in and out of love in the course of an eventful year.

Allen's usual wry take on life is still very much in evidence, even if his stars are singing their lines.



(UK Gold, 9.40pm)

ANOTHER chance to see comedian turned actor Alan Davies starring in this off-beat crime series.

An acclaimed cancer researcher is found dead inside a locked room, impaled on a 12th century Samurai blade.

Alan won a new legion of fans with this off-beat series that made the most of his stand- up wit.



(UK Gold, 12.35am)

A NOSTALGIC rerun of the first series of the brilliant comedy starring Rowan Atkinson as the rubber- faced medieval Blackadder.

He is the venemous Duke of Edinburgh in this incarnation, with Tony Robinson as his sidekick Baldrick. If you haven't had the chance to see this before, don't miss out now.



(Sky One, 6.30pm)

RACHEL (Jennifer Aniston, above), is bridesmaid at her ex-finance's wedding in the American sitcom about the lives and loves of twenty- something flatmates.

Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow co-star in the episode which tests Rachel's willpower.

Can she hold her tongue long enough for the marriage vows to be taken?



MAKE sure you tune in to L!VE TV's How To Pull A Babe tonight at 9.30pm. This is L!VE TV's definitive instruction video on how to successfully nab the woman of your dreams.

Get your handy tips from the boys down at the footy match, and listen to some superb advice from a group of gorgeous Essex girls. Make sure you don't miss out on some of the lads' best lines, worst lines and biggest boasts.
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