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 MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- LaserMaster Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: LMTS) today previewed its new DisplayMaker Advanced Color Server (ACS) and Color Laser Copier Interface (CLC) at the company's booth at Fall Comdex '93 in Las Vegas on Nov. 15-19. DisplayMaker ACS expands LaserMaster's Big Color product solutions which provides users with high-quality, 36-inch wide roll-fed color output for production of photo-quality posters.
 The ACS makes a number of advanced features and options available to users that are designed to increase productivity and make printing easier for those professionals with heavy printing demands. A number of ACS configurations are available. (See Product Matrix below for options and pricing.)
 "The ACS and CLC interface are an indication of LaserMaster's continued commitment to providing innovative solutions," said Sandra Crowley, vice president of marketing for LaserMaster. "We expect these products to receive the same type of enthusiastic welcome that the DisplayMaker continues to receive from the graphic arts, printing and photographic industries. LaserMaster's ability to listen to our customers and develop innovative products that meet their needs is what makes us 'The Professional's Choice(TM)' for Big Color printing."
 ACS Features
 -- Advanced HotPorts(TM)
 DisplayMaker ACS Advanced HotPorts provide more control over print jobs and improve productivity.
 File Spooling: File Spooling allows all DisplayMaker operations (file transfers, raster image processing (RIP), RIP Saving, and printing) to function simultaneously. For instance, a Macintosh and PC computer can each be sending a file while a third file is being RIPed and a fourth is being printed. Users can return to work on their computers quicker and save significant time, especially when printing multiple files.
 File Queue Management: Three different print queues are available with DisplayMaker ACS: the Priority RIP queue, the normal RIP queue, and the Hold queue. The File Queue Management feature lets users change the priority level of print jobs or hold a file until the desired media type is loaded.
 File Processing Customization: Users can assign attributes to jobs and change those attributes of the print job while the job is in either queue or the hold queue by simply dragging the icon that represents that RIP file to the printer with the appropriate attribute.
 Job Logging: The DisplayMaker ACS automatically keeps track of the consumables used and time spent on print jobs. To aid in job billing, separate logs record how much media and ink was used, how much time was spent processing, and how much time was spent printing to aid in job billing.
 -- Option: Multiple DisplayMaker Controller
 The DisplayMaker ACS and optional Multiple DisplayMaker Controller provides users with the capability of attaching multiple DisplayMakers to a single ACS. Up to three DisplayMakers may be attached to each ACS with this $4,995 option, offering more on-demand printing capabilities.
 -- Option: DisplayMaker Color Laser Copier Interface
 The optional DisplayMaker Color Laser Copier Interface supports Kodak and Canon color laser copiers. Priced at $3,995, users can now affordably generate continuous tone PostScript images from their Canon CLC 300, 350, 500 or 550 or Kodak 1550, 1550+, 1575 or 1575+ color copiers.
 Availability and Pricing
 The DisplayMaker ACS will begin shipping by January 1994. The DisplayMaker CLC Interface will begin shipping in first quarter 1994. Both products are available directly from LaserMaster.
 Retail Big Ink Multiple CLC 2nd DisplayMaker
 Price Delivery Display- Interface Printer with Big
 in U.S. System Maker Ink Delivery
 Controller System
 with Color
 Server $19,995 $4,995 n/a n/a n/a
 with ACS $25,995 $4,995 $4,995 $3,995 $12,995
 LaserMaster designs, manufactures and markets plain-paper typesetters, large-format color printer products, and specialized Windows printing systems for professional graphic arts, pre-press and desktop publishing users. LaserMaster distinguishes its product line with proprietary software and hardware engineering, including the company's TurboRes(R) resolution-enhancement, ColorMark(TM) Color Management and SmoothTone(TM) image-enhancement technologies.
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 /CONTACT: Randall L. Ruegg, chief financial officer, of LaserMaster, 612-944-6069/

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