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 NEW YORK, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Larry King Show, a nationally syndicated live phone-in radio talk show, has been picked up locally by radio station WPAT.
 The show, on both television and radio, draws strong ratings in whatever market it enters and was pivotal in last year's presidential election campaign; it created a new venue for direct communication between the public and the candidates by allowing people to question the candidates directly. By making the candidates more accessible to the people, the voting public was able to express its most pressing concerns, which were above all economic issues. By riding on a growing wave of public disaffection with things as-they-are, Bill Clinton was able to tailor his message to populist sentiment about the state of the economy. Clintonomics promises to be a bold initiative, offering a package combining both spending cuts and new taxes to get us out of the recession and cut the deficit -- thereby addressing the country's social and economic crisis.
 These and other issues of social concern have been focal point of the Henry George School of Social Science, a non-profit, privately funded school dedicated to the teaching the political-economic ideas of Henry George, which has been addressing these very issues for many years.
 Health-care, infrastructure, education and the environment, are all social and economic problems that affect us deeply and are the factors by which we measure our standard of living. The Henry George School, by offering tuition-free adult education courses and seminars that are chartered by the University of the State of New York, endeavors to highlight both the communality of these issues and emphasizes a coherent view of the fundamental economic problems we face today.
 More information about The Henry George School can be obtained by listening to the Larry King Show on WPAT the week of April 12 or by calling the school directly at 212-889-8020.
 -0- 4/8/93
 /CONTACT: George Collins of the Henry George School of Social Science, 212-889-8020/

CO: Henry George School of Social Science ST: New York IN: ENT SU:

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Date:Apr 8, 1993

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