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Stop the consulting.. and act! Viewpoint essay Mar 17, 2012 339
We mustn't sideline sustainability. Conference news Feb 18, 2012 370
Get the human factor back, Tesco. Jan 21, 2012 392
Where is UK food policy going? The gap between evidence, food policy and delivery is worryingly wide. Dec 10, 2011 376
A fat load of good, Mr Lansley: the 'nudge' strategy on obesity merely passes the buck to industry. Nov 12, 2011 371
Food: a crisis for the entire world: World Food Day is here yet the UK government still has its head in the sand. Oct 15, 2011 396
We must tackle 'routine' disease: the high-level UN meeting reminds us all of our role in the spread of NCDs. Sep 17, 2011 387
The violent side of consumerism: do the items looted provide any answers as to why the riots broke out? Viewpoint essay Aug 20, 2011 394
Our fish policy needs balancing: concerns about overfishing and 'ethical' consumption must be addressed. Jul 23, 2011 386
CAP reform must address health: but policymakers shouldn't base all forecasts on Western eating patterns. Jun 25, 2011 393
Government needs a food plan B: if we are to be a nation that primarily imports food, we need a back-up plan. May 28, 2011 416
UNFAO election is crucial for food: new director-general must have a sustainable vision for the 21st century. Viewpoint essay Apr 30, 2011 379
We need a plan, Mrs Spelman! Ministers must get a grip on food policy. Why not continue Labour's work? Statistical data Feb 26, 2011 414
Fine words, but on grip on policy: as a global consensus emerges on the food crisis, politicians must get real. Viewpoint essay Jan 29, 2011 382
Eco-friendly changes need unity: Cancun talks puts onus on food companies to sort sustainability problem. Dec 18, 2010 380
Can grocery help welfare state? The industry would do well to learn from history and ask the right questions. Nov 20, 2010 397
CSR will mean a wider skills gap: the future workforce needs dignity and good pay as well as qualifications. Oct 23, 2010 378
The time bomb of urbanisation: in just 20 years' time 60% of the world's population will be living in cities. Sep 25, 2010 405
Return to normality put on hold: wholesale change is needed to wean people off high-impact consumerism. Aug 28, 2010 376
They need to look before lopping: Axing some agencies and commissions is necessary, losing others is silly. Jul 31, 2010 357
Food system must tackle all issues: we can't only deal with problems that suit whims of businesses and politicians. Viewpoint essay Jul 3, 2010 377
Why the FSA should be left alone: the agency is gaining trust, and integrated advice on food makes sense. Jun 5, 2010 383
Memo to new Secretary of State: what should be on the agenda for whoever takes over as Defra chief? May 8, 2010 395
The great attitude shift has begun: and the political parties are more united on food issues than they realise. Apr 10, 2010 381
Where's food in our land policy? A new report on land use is a jumble of issues with no clear priorities. Mar 13, 2010 382
We must define a sustainable diet: government bodies recognise the need for a unified voice and message. Feb 13, 2010 406
The UK needs to focus on real food: why are we all talking about chocolate and ignoring fruit and vegetables? Viewpoint essay Jan 16, 2010 385
Let's get to the meat of the issue: if we ate less of it, we wouldn't have to use so many crops for animal feed. Viewpoint essay Nov 28, 2009 401
Our food policy is at a crossroads: we must put sustainability at the heart of the science that drives it forward. Oct 31, 2009 412
We need to protect Britain's soil: good food needs good soil. More money must be invested in soil science. Oct 3, 2009 401
Salutary lessons from Irish recall: the food revolution has massively increased output, but at what cost? Viewpoint essay Sep 5, 2009 363
Organic is not all about nutrition: FSA report was right--but organic has far wider environmental benefits. Report Aug 8, 2009 398
Seven key steps to food security: the only really secure food system is one that is built on sustainability. Viewpoint essay Jul 11, 2009 369
How 'progress' is making us fat: it will take more than education or legislation to halt the obesity slide. Viewpoint essay Jun 6, 2009 416
Sustainability needs one vision: a single strategy on sustainable food should replace differing initiatives. Viewpoint essay May 16, 2009 399
Can financial recovery be green? The G20 summit outlined the need for green recovery--but no clear plan. Viewpoint essay Apr 11, 2009 382
Cut-price alcohol costs us dear: price of booze must go up if we are to tackle the problem of binge drinking. Mar 21, 2009 413
We must all change to survive: we lecture developing countries, but is our own food system any better? Viewpoint essay Feb 21, 2009 383
Obama must tackle food agenda: the President must put ecology and health at the heart of food policy. Jan 24, 2009 376
Ditch the short-term realpolitik: allowing domestic food production to weaken is a bad idea. Dec 13, 2008 390
We still need to raise production: the EU is tightening up on pesticide use. So how do we feed the world? Nov 15, 2008 384
A call to arms over food security: what priorities should the new Council of Food Policy Advisors have? Oct 18, 2008 373
More than one Achilles' heel: commodity price rises have brought the weaknesses in food supply to light. Viewpoint essay Sep 20, 2008 383
If only we were all Olympians ... the irony of the Olympics is that it encourages people to eat, drink, and put on weight as they watch and admire the superfit on telly. Aug 23, 2008 448
Don't succumb to false optimism. Jul 26, 2008 432
Plant breeding is now a priority: urgent progress is needed to bring plant breeding programmes up to speed so they can tackle the challenges of global warming. Column Jun 28, 2008 398
Food policy: it's time to tackle it. May 31, 2008 440
The time is over for easy answers: sorting out the global food crisis is not about helping developing countries; it's about accepting that the UK is part of the problem. May 3, 2008 401
A squeeze? More like a global crisis. Apr 5, 2008 427
We must stop this madness. Mar 8, 2008 401
It's not a blip: we have a problem: the crisis in food sustainability won't go away if we bury our heads in the sand. Options for change are there, and must be acted upon. Feb 9, 2008 400
Time to wake up to food security: rising fuel and crop prices and growing global competition for food mean we should take British farming far more seriously. Jan 12, 2008 411
Don't leave policy bereft of evidence. Dec 1, 2007 421
Super-abundant choice is insane: excessive food supply creates social, medical and environmental problems. It's time to end the culture of far too much choice. Viewpoint essay Nov 3, 2007 407
The dawning of omni-standards: if they are to tackle the huge sustainability challenge, retailers need to work with government on a single set of standards. Sep 29, 2007 346
Supermarkets are popular! Shock! Sep 15, 2007 412
Brown's task after foot and mouth: in the wake of the latest outbreak of foot and mouth disease, Gordon Brown must rethink how food is grown, processed and distributed. Aug 11, 2007 394
The true cost of bottling water: bottled water may be trendy but it's also ecologically stupid. San Francisco's ban on buying it is in place, but could it work here? Viewpoint essay Jul 14, 2007 403
The obesity crisis: when did it start? Is it possible to tie down the origins of the UK's obesity crisis to a single date or set of circumstances--and what does the exercise teach us? Jun 16, 2007 394
Go on Gordon, surprise me ... Column May 19, 2007 431
'Naturally obese'--another excuse? A genetic link to obesity has been found but what does it mean for the food industry and the increasing number of overweight adults? Viewpoint essay Apr 21, 2007 407
Be cautious over carbon labelling: the industry must cut carbon emissions but it is counterproductive to rush into labelling before there is consensus on the right approach. Column Mar 24, 2007 385
I see a great future for street markets: in the era of soaring rents, rising fuel costs and climate change, local grocers are going back to basics. Will the multiples do the same? Viewpoint essay Feb 24, 2007 375
The new order is values-for-money. Jan 27, 2007 363
Conference acts to counteract obesity. Nov 18, 2006 376
Is mass CBT the cure for obesity? The government's call for '21st century solutions' to the obesity crisis conjures up images of diverse Orwellian scenarios. Letter to the editor Oct 21, 2006 387
Heed this early warning system: the crisis presented by the poor Scottish diet has serious lessons for the future of the whole UK food industry says Tim Lang. Letter to the editor Sep 23, 2006 384
Farming not yet ripe for rebirth. Aug 26, 2006 424
Health still needs a sensible policy. Jul 29, 2006 401
We must produce whatever we can. (SECOND OPINION: the British state is currently failing to ensure sustainable food supply for a healthy population. And so are the markets. Jul 1, 2006 401
Less choice means habits will change. Jun 3, 2006 400
The Saturday essay: Tim Lang, professor of food policy, City University, has worries about the future of fair trade and ethical lines. Mar 18, 2006 630
The Saturday essay: it's time to open our eyes, says Tim Lang, professor of food policy, City University. Column Jan 21, 2006 626
The Saturday essay: retailers must act on healthy eating or face legislations--Tim Lang, professor of food policy, City University. Column Sep 24, 2005 612
The Saturday essay: Britain must keep farming. Jul 9, 2005 607
The Saturday essay: Tim Lang, professor of food policy at city university, says need, not greed, is the focal point of sustainability. Column May 21, 2005 601
The Saturday essay. Column Feb 5, 2005 626
The Saturday essay: the food industry's an ostrich when it comes to obesity. Nov 13, 2004 613
The Saturday essay: who will feed the children at lunchtime? Aug 21, 2004 621
The Saturday essay: the panic over fuel prices highlights the UK's risky food policy. Jun 19, 2004 603
The Saturday essay: the UK needs a food policy council ... Apr 24, 2004 619
The Saturday essay: two food scares that remain unsolved. Feb 28, 2004 595
The Saturday essay: an industry Mantra that smacks of Ratner ... Tim Lang, professor of food policy, city university. Dec 13, 2003 607
The Saturday essay: UK food policy reform must now be a priority. Oct 25, 2003 624
The Saturday essay: who is now in charge of regulation asks Tim Lang, professor of Food Policy at City University. Aug 23, 2003 620
The Saturday essay: consumer's resent being locked into the major players. Column Jun 14, 2003 585
The Saturday Essay: key lessons can be learned from wartime food policy. (Comment). Brief Article Apr 5, 2003 615
The Saturday Essay: will government duck this new opportunity to shape food policy? (Comment). Feb 1, 2003 616
The Saturday essay: the missing dimension in our food strategies--Tim Lang, professor of food policy, Thames Valley University: Tim Lang fires broadsides at the Curry report, the CAP reform process and the British government for failing to incorporate the health dimension in food policy formulations. (Comment). Brief Article Sep 28, 2002 583
Lang's beef. (news). Brief Article Jun 15, 2002 298
Lang's beef. (news). Brief Article May 18, 2002 311
Lang's beef. (news). Brief Article Apr 20, 2002 289
Lang's beef. (news). Brief Article Mar 23, 2002 308
Lang's beef. (news). Brief Article Jan 26, 2002 310
Lang's beef. (News). Brief Article Nov 17, 2001 310
LANGS'S BEEF. Brief Article Oct 20, 2001 295
LANG'S BEEF. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 309
LANG'S BEEF. Brief Article Aug 25, 2001 313
LANG'S BEEF. Brief Article Jul 28, 2001 297
LANG'S BEEF. Brief Article Jun 30, 2001 297

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