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Byline: blue chip

Sales during March.

Commercial improved(all sales)

Farmington Center Eugene, to LBG Eugene LLC; 2730 Bailey Ln A, Eugene; $7,841,000.

CCJS Holdings, to Delta Oaks Group LLC; 1024 Green Acres Rd, Eugene; $2,720,000.

Donald L Orchard Charitable Trust, to Rmmj North LLC; 21 W 6Th Ave, Eugene; $1,050,000.

Mvp Group LLC, to Whicker Family Investments LLC; 4725 Village Plaza Loop Ste 101, Eugene; $640,000.

Joseph J Balaty Revocable Living Tru, to Morton Street LLC; 177 S 14Th St, Springfield; $470,000.

United States of America, to State of Oregon Parks & Rec Dept; 92 E 6Th St, Lowell; $460,000.

Ceille W Campbell Trust, to Morse Lonne L; 150 28Th St, Springfield; $395,000.

Pm Commercial Enterprises LLC, to Mtn Investments; 841 E 13Th Ave, Eugene; $265,000.

Raymond C Clark Trust, to St Vincent De Paul Society Of Lane; 47663 Hwy 58, Oakridge; $210,000.

Commercial Vacant

Genereaux James V & Susan J, to Confederated Tribes of the Coos; n/a ; $700,000.

Farm improved(all sales)

Maden James L & Ruth L, to Vollstedt Jack F; 93767 Smyth Rd, Junction City; $675,000.

Eichelberger Dennis S & Lori P, to Tabor-Griffin Cris A; 34386 Matthews Rd, Eugene; $527,434.

LSI Title Company Of Oregon, to Gmac Mortgage; 93593 Pitney Ln, Junction City; $270,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, to Rogers William P; 32395 Lynx Hollow Rd, Creswell; $182,000.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Wilson Douglas A & Carrie; 33972 Elliott Ln, Cottage Grove; $140,000.

Farm vacant(all sales)

Charles V Grimes Fam Trust & Grimes, to Anderson Family Revocable Living Trust; n/a; $337,187.

Krenik Larry L, to Fletcher Doron; 28929 Hwy 36, Junction City; $105,000.

Forest improved(all sales)

Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, to Giddens Cody R & Britney L; 41002 Deerhorn Rd, Springfield; $421,000.

Norby Jon E & Judi K, to Haake 1997 Family Trust; 89916 Johnson Creek Rd, Leaburg; $360,000.

Joy Lenora Costello Charitable Trust, to Easley Carrie & Moore Newton Ripper; 37665 Wheeler Rd, Dexter; $350,000.

Flora James Alfred & S L, to Straw Joel C; 86147 Lorane Hwy, Eugene; $350,000.

Smith Richard L & Michele D, to Regnerus Rodney E & Susan E; 88802 Torrence Rd, Noti; $300,000.

Stewart Lasells M & Sandra, to Christensen Brandon & Evening Willow; n/a ; $250,000.

Kersgaard Ernest, to Dumford Jayme Lee; 90135 Poodle Creek Rd, Noti; $165,256.

The Cato Institute, to Phillip Groshong Ira; 25656 Mayola Ln, Eugene; $155,000.

Forest vacant(sales of $100,000 or more)

Wredco I LLC, to Mccauley Kevin J & Julie F; n/a; $139,000.

Industrial improved(all sales)

IB Property Holdings LLC, to Kadels Auto Body-Oregon LLC; 1700 W 2Nd Ave, Eugene; $650,000.

Robinson Investments LLC, to Rogers Machinery Company; 4773 Pacific Ave, Eugene; $575,000.

Umpqua Bank, to Bailey Hill Industrial LLC; 1136 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene; $400,000.

Multifamily improved(all sales)

Westmoreland Village LLC, to Combs Norman G & Elaine C; 2145 W 17Th Ave, Eugene; $254,900.

Recreational improved(all sales)

Clotz Marilyn J, to Banks Lawrence; 55329 Delta Rd, Blue River; $250,000.

Tract improved(sales of $300,000 or more)

Sutherland Bryan & Sandy, to Coalwell Roger & Patricia; 43820 Greenwood Village Dr, Leaburg, 97; $485,000.

Teall Sandra F & Daniel L, to Spring Creek Land & Cattle; 91177 River Rd, Junction City; $425,000.

Tucker Michael J & Deborah Y, to Thompson Clodagh T & David M; 94081 River Rd, Junction City; $410,000.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati; 5310 Leavitt Loop, Florence; $398,000.

Neill K Patrick, to England James D & Holly D; 35648 Hwy 58, Pleasant Hill; $362,500.

Trust Dated December 5 1994, to High Mountain Investment Group Inc; 32868 Taylor Butte Rd, Cottage Grove, 9; $350,000.

Castor Jerry L & Theresa L, to Blankenship David Scott & Catherine; 39845 Deerhorn Rd, Springfield; $324,900.

Residential improved(sales of $225,000 or more)

Redhead Paul M, to Berry Richard Langwith & Barbara E F; 2445 Lincoln St, Eugene; $800,000.

Halvorson Andrew R & Danielle, to Cuddeback Dennis A & Deborah D; 368 Ironwood Loop, Creswell; $750,000.

Cooper Daniel W, to Park Soo H & Lee Won Sun; 3024 Summit Terrace Dr, Eugene; $600,000.

Cuddeback Dennis, to Halvorson Andrew R & Danielle; 2351 Lasater Blvd, Eugene; $565,000.

Tschirgi Scot W & Marolyn A, to Blase Albert C & Jonell; 755 Shasta Blvd, Springfield; $563,000.

Bartholow Les & Christine J, to Kennedy Barbara P; 3489 Riverplace Dr, Eugene; $475,000.

Moore Patricia L, to Linton Richard W & Marilyn S; 5146 Solar Heights Dr, Eugene; $465,000.

Payne Michelle A & Kenneth V, to Rasmusson Kerry; 2225 Turnberry Crt, Eugene; $465,000.

Cuddeback Dennis A Sr & Deborah D, to Pelatt Adam T; 643 St Andrews Loop, Creswell; $463,000.

Heather C Wilson Revocable Living Tr, to Mcgrath George P & Patricia L; 2087 Emerald St, Eugene; $451,000.

Ormsby Larry J & Laurie B, to Fred & Avonelle Kluessendorf Rev Liv; 2775 Blacktail Dr, Eugene; $450,000.

Bellotti Colleen F, to Essin Joseph P & Susan E; 3755 Waterbrook Way, Eugene; $450,000.

Aldrich Willis E & Harrop-Aldrich An, to Chambers Kellie Lynne & Scott Davis; 2208 Fairmount Blvd, Eugene; $444,900.

Aurora Loan Services LLC, to Stout Jonathan B & Gould Priscilla; 1910 Potter St, Eugene; $440,000.

Gustafson Mark E & Traci Lindstrom, to Jones Jeff Lee & Elisa Ann; 807 Mckenzie Crest Dr, Springfield, 974; $425,000.

Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corpora, to Lindstrom James Scott & Piekarski Th; 2151 Elkhorn Dr, Eugene; $420,500.

Colette J Charig Trustee Living Trus, to Gerondale Norbert; 58 Ridgeline Dr, Eugene; $417,000.

Jackson Donald M & Jeanette I, to Clausen Jeffrey & Janet; 32685 Vintage Way, Coburg; $405,000.

Alexander Warren E Iii & Wendy S, to Deines Brent & Debora; 2796 La Darrah St, Eugene; $399,000.

Donna M Smith Trust, to Edwards Richard Colliver & Sharon L; 3530 Quail Meadow Way, Eugene; $365,500.

Sumner Gary L & Elizabeth W, to Ride Douglas P & Erika H; 1658 E 24Th Ave, Eugene; $360,000.

Lydon Marjorie R, to Bailey Family Trust; 1096 E 20Th Ave, Eugene; $352,346.

Mcnabb-Jones Michael D & Monique C, to Hornsby James O & Pamela S; 992 Spyglass Dr, Eugene; $337,500.

Sobol Michael R, to Farkas Arthur; 3572 Black Oak Rd, Eugene; $336,500.

Heitman Daniel, to Toreson Martin R; 3185 Mcnaull Dr, Eugene; $319,500.

Daniel & Sandra Grubbs Trust, to Wellin Steven R & Barbara J; 964 Leonards Way, Eugene; $302,000.

Grange Linda & Daryl, to Russell Sierra D & Franklin H; 4696 Ivy St, Springfield; $299,000.

Kondaur Capital Corporation, to Posen Mark D & Ann; 4141 Sabrena Ave, Eugene; $299,000.

Alexander Patricia A, to Donna M Smith Trust; 3265 Lake Crest Dr, Eugene; $295,000.

Duhaime Kelly M & James T, to Pusateri August P & Beverly A; 2661 Cheryl St, Eugene; $295,000.

Simrin Lauri L & Kirk A, to Balmer Aaron K & Shannon M; 1824 Russet Dr, Eugene; $289,900.

Brown Bear Enterprises LLC, to Fechtel Rian P; 296 S 68Th Crt, Springfield; $285,000.

Anderson Rosalind R, to Christian Sonya; 3017 Lord Byron Pl, Eugene; $285,000.

Patterson Jo Lynn, to Mcneale Steven S & Sarah L; 32670 Christian Way, Coburg; $281,900.

Durbin Michael D & Nancy L, to Felt Justin P & Kelsey R; 1245 Cal Young Rd, Eugene; $278,500.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Wells Fargo Bank Na; 636 S 41St Pl, Springfield; $273,635.

Bell Family 1999 Revocable Trust, to Redner Julie E; 572 E 1St, Lowell; $270,000.

Ellexson Dennis L & Margaret A, to Coughlan Nancy B; 87979 Kelsie Way, Florence; $270,000.

Lemkau Kearney W & Jana L, to Freeman Allen W & Marcia C; 385 Shamrock Ave, Eugene; $266,000.

Peterson Hans & Jaculynn, to Wagoner William S; 2506 Mountain Ter, Eugene; $265,000.

Painter Daryl, to Garcia Victor M & Kathryn F; 3266 Queens East St, Eugene; $263,176.

Inman Steven S & Plaza Lisa A, to Atkinson Miranda D & Michael B; 1191 W Broadway, Eugene; $260,000.

Lois E Bourgeis Trust, to Dezarn Donald M & Annette O; 1836 Russet Dr, Eugene; $260,000.

Smith Robert A & Murphy Patricia E, to Lau Samuel S M & Heather D; 952 C St, Springfield; $255,000.

Khalsa Ajeet S & Khalsa Shivraj K Pa, to Waechter Erika; 735 E 36Th Pl, Eugene; $255,000.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Fletcher Sierran J; 2495 Laurel Hill Dr, Eugene; $253,500.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Tranby Mark P; 54550 Mountaingate Dr, Springfield, 974; $252,990.

Aguilar Peter W & Austin Donna G, to Andrew-Winfree Trust; 2740 Adams St, Eugene; $250,000.

Hammaer Paul M, to Feola Kelsea J; 3792 Julia Loop, Eugene; $250,000.

Hansen T Dean & Patricia S, to Herring Mark & Hildreth Leslie; 2889 Tulip St, Eugene; $245,000.

Horizon Construction Inc, to Schweitzer John W; 1378 Breckenridge Dr, Junction City, 97; $235,900.

Bud Wright Trust, to Lane Charles Steven Ii; 1565 Fairview Pl, Cottage Grove; $235,600.

Washington Federal Savings, to Petersen Selene L; 375 Ellie Ln, Eugene; $235,000.

Wright Robert Vance, to Mccullen Tom & Joboian-Mccullen Paul; 134 Crestview Ter, Cottage Grove; $235,000.

Storey James R, to Lee Robert W & Amy E; 88138 Dunham Loop, Veneta; $234,000.

Roscoe J Sundahl Trust, to Kinder Fredrick S; 41714 Madrone St, Springfield; $230,000.

Sharrard Living Trust, to Silver Shelly D; 1308 Roundup Dr, Eugene; $230,000.

Sexton Marsha J, to Colliver Dennis Louis Grant; 3230 Alder St, Eugene; $225,367.

Vanmeter John E, to Anderson Gregg L; 6081 Landmark Ln, Eugene; $225,000.

Phillips Ray D & Carmen, to Barry Phillip J & Maggie J; 40 Daniel Dr, Eugene; $225,000.

Anderson Living Trust, to Shirley Reeves Ira; 1890 Tyler St, Eugene; $225,000.

Schaefer Susan Ansley & Hagin Richar, to Kaye Peter F & Cynthia K; 4354 Berry Ln, Eugene; $225,000.

Residential other(sales of $200,000 or more)

Langan John T, to Siuslaw Bank; n/a ; $630,000.

Heitman Custom Homes LLC, to Grubbs Daniel M Jr & Sandra M; 3282 Timberline Dr, Eugene; $375,000.

Randy J Lodge Revocable Living Trust, to Berggren Marilyn E; 136 E 34Th Ave, Eugene; $315,000.

G&P Homes LLC, to Mcgory David G & Maureen C; 229 Benjamin St, Eugene; $295,900.

Castro Gilbert, to Shahid Abdus; 1603 Chasa St, Eugene; $262,500.

Greenleaf Properties LLC, to Bohanon Teresa M; 3510 Stark St, Eugene; $260,000.

Scott Michael H, to Edwards Georgia; 1206 Alderdale Dr, Junction City; $234,500.

Rippee Robert E, to Heitman Custome Homes LLC; n/a; $210,000.

Premier Enterprises LLC, to Green Kelly M; 5546 Edna Way, Eugene; $201,877.
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