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LAN package sends, receives from faxes and modems.

IDR UniCom, Inc. is now shipping Via PC LAN Software, an integrated Local Area Network package that sends and receives through both fax boards and modems from a single user interface, as well as telex transmissions.

"Via LAN simplifies electronic communications for professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and sales people who frequently need to modem and/or fax information," said Gary Edling, president of IDR UniCom. "Business people routinely fax computer-originated documents which do not need editing at the receiving end and modem other documents which may require editing at the receiving end. Some LAN users who communicate internationally also have the need to telex messages overseas. Instead of wrestling with multiple network communications software packages they can now use one: Via PC LAN Software."

Via PC LAN Software includes all of the features of its stand-alone companion, Via PC Version 5.0. Additional LAN features include:

* The ability to share up to 20 modems and transmit files generated by Word-perfect and other application programs, such as spreadsheets and databases, without having to know anything about parity, stop-bits or other technical communications issues.

* Direct "network-shareable" support for real-time fax functionality with the Hayes JT FAX 9600 and Intel SatisFAXtion fax boards. Additionally, Via LAN supports the entire line of Macronix MaxFax boards as well as virtually any other fax board on a non-shareable basis.

* One-keystroke access to the most popular online services, including AT&T EasyLink, MCI Mail, CompuServe, Dow Jones News/Retrieval, Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw and others of your choice.

* "Foreground Alert," which automatically notifies users when a message has been received in background via modem. With the addition of this feature, network workstations can become their own electronic mailboxes because incoming messages are automatically routed to the individual's workstation directory.

Other features include: improved color support, easier-to-use menus, and the ability to provide individual fax and modem dialing directories for each network workstation.

Using Via LAN, messages can be sent and received directly from workstation-to-PC or workstation-to-fax machine in "real-time." To save on transmission costs, messages can also be sent "store-and-forward" from network workstation to third party carriers, such as AT&T EasyLink, MCI Mail and/or International Data Refile, with just a single keystroke, then forwarded to their destinations by the carrier of choice.

Via LAN receives incoming modem messages directly to a user's designated workstation subdirectory on the network file server. Via LAN will even enable a network workstation that is not equipped with a fax board or modem to share communications hardware with any other network workstation.

Via LAN requires MS-DOS Version 3.0 or higher. The operation of Via LAN from workstations that do not have their own communications hardware requires the presence of an Asynchronous Communications Server (ACS). Each Via LAN distribution contains the required program interface to use ACS INT-14. Use of NetBIOS, NETCI, NASI, NCSI, and "extended" INT-14 as an ACS is also available.

The software includes an internal text editor, but files can be imported from and exported to any word processor capable of saving and reading files as ASCII text. Files may be sent in ASCII or binary format over modems and in ASCII over fax boards. When used with the Intel SatisFAXtion board, documents can be sent without losing formatting such as italicized and bold text.

Via PC LAN Software lists for $1,995, stand alone version for $295.
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Title Annotation:IDR UniCom Inc. introduces Via PC LAN Software, communications software
Publication:Information Today
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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