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 MEADOW LANDS, Pa., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Officials of Ladbroke at The Meadows today sought to clarify newspaper accounts of the investigation into alleged irregularities with some of the horses in last Saturday's Adios at The Meadows.
 Only two of the 16 colts that entered the race are still a part of any investigation. Activities which occurred "prior to the horses arriving on the grounds of The Meadows on Saturday afternoon are at the heart of the investigation," according to Bob Sabot, track spokesman.
 Riyadh, trained by the William Robinson Stable, and Native Born, trained by the William Keeping Stable are under investigation by the Harness Racing Commission. However, tests taken on Riyadh and Native Born proved negative prior to the big race on Saturday and those horses were allowed to race. Additionally, because of prior problems that the track had with trainer Brett Pelling, track officials decided to test both Mystical Prince and Tibet prior to those horses racing on Saturday. The Pelling Stable trains both Mystical Prince and Tibet. All of the tests on those horses also came up negative and they were permitted to race.
 "The test on Mystical Prince and Tibet were taken as a precaution by track officials. We had no reason to believe anything was wrong but it was our right to take the test and we did. The Pelling horses are not part of any current investigation," Sabot said. "Furthermore, it is important for the public to know that all of the horses that raced on Saturday did so on athletic ability and nothing else."
 The Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission said that they are withholding the purse money on Riyadh until its investigation is complete. The purse monies for all other participants in the race are being released. "The withholding of the purse money on Riyadh has nothing to do with any activities involving the actual race itself," said Sabot. The commission is looking into possible violations by the William Robinson Stable involving "trainer responsibility" provisions of the racing commission rules.
 Riyadh and Native Born along with Mystical Prince and Tibet were all tested once they arrived on the grounds of The Meadows on Saturday afternoon. Those test results were "clear" and the horses were allowed to race, according to Sabot.
 "The betting public was not short changed. We gave them a good and fair Adios and we are satisfied that the horses in the race were not tampered with," Sabot concluded.
 "We were given information involving some possible suspicious activities involving Ridyah and Native Born. Those activities surround matters that may have occurred prior to the horses arriving here. It is for that reason that the commission continues its investigation," Sabot said.
 "If it is found that anyone did anything of an illegal nature or in any way tried or attempted to do harm to the reputation of the racetrack or the sport, we will press for a lifetime suspension from the business," Sabot said.
 Ladbroke at The Meadows will operate a detention barn for The Adios and other major races in 1994. Horses entering those races will have to be on the grounds and in the detention barn 24 hours prior to racing.
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