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LACES HIGH! Mum claims bizarre world record for tying shoelaces.

Byline: ALAN THOMPSON Staff Reporter

AMUM has proved herself among the aces of laces after claiming the world record for tying shoes.

No wonder, Minal Sherwin is taking a bow.

When Minal took part in a fun run in London with her two children, she had no idea she'd collect the record - for tying shoelaces.

Minal, her husband Tom and their two children, Nico, seven, and Boni, four, went to the capital on Sunday.

Mum and kids were due to compete in the Vitality Westminster Mile, between The Mall and Buckingham Palace.

While on their way to the starting line, they came across a Guinness World Records stand in Green Park, held in conjunction with the running event.

The Guinness World Records' live roadshow, GWR Live! was set up to give people the opportunity to go for a title on a day trip.

Describing the event, GWR said: "You can find the popup record-breaking stand can allow you to try records involving clapping, T-shirts and Lego bricks.

"It's not uncommon for visitors to go home with a Guinness World Records title." Minal, 36, of Knighton, Leicester, said: "There were various things going on, they were inviting people to take part.

"We'd arrived at 9am and our race wasn't until 10am, so I thought I'd have a go. Nico had a go at the step-ups record and I had a go at the shoelace tying record.

"I tied up five pairs of eyelets in 25 point something seconds. The previous record, set in Los Angeles, had been 27 seconds.

"I'd had a go before we went to take part in the run. When I came back, I was told another woman had knocked me off the top spot, so I had another go and took the record.

"I was presented with a certificate naming me as the new world record holder.

"I was absolutely flummoxed, gobsmacked. "It made the day all the more exciting because I wasn't expecting it."

The day was made even more special when she and the children were pictured with Sir Mo Farah, the UK's most successful distance runner, thought to be there to take part in the Westminster Mile with his children.

Minal's husband, Tom, 42, an energy consultant, said: "It's one of the best things that has happened to me in my life and I'm not easily impressed.

"We were both fans of the Guinness World Records TV show, presented by Kriss Akabusi, when we were kids. I thought, 'wow!', we've got a world record holder in the family. I was absolutely blown away."

And it's a record knot to be scoffed at.


| Minal Sherwin with her kids and Sir Mo Farah

| Minal Sherwin happened across the Guinness World Records stand during a fun run and managed to claim a world record for tying shoelaces

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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
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Date:Jun 3, 2018
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