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L.A. Optometrist Jay Schlanger Helps Patients With Color Deficiency by Prescribing a Custom Tinted Soft Contact Lens From Adventures in Color Technology.

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GOLDEN, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 23, 2003

Dr. Jay Schlanger, an optometrist in private practice in Los Angeles, Calif., is the developer of a soft contact lens that helps color deficient people to perceive colors more accurately.

"Our company supplies specially tinted soft contact lenses to Dr. Schlanger in Los Angeles, as well as other practitioners throughout the country, to help patients with color deficiency," Stan Harper, CEO of Adventures in Color Technology, Ltd., says.

Color deficiency (which is often referred to as color blindness) is a hereditary defect that some people have at birth -- it has been estimated that almost 10% of the male population and about 0.5% of the female population have a color defective problem. Color deficiency does not get better or worse with age.

According to Dr. Schlanger, there are three color deficiencies: blue, green and red.

"Rarely are patients blue deficient -- they're either green or red color deficient. Now what the therapeutic contact lens -- usually magenta in color and placed on one eye -- does is that it allows the person to perceive more differences in color. You notice, I didn't say cure the vision or makes them to see colors better. They just see more differences.

"For example, if someone is red deficient and they look at a tree -- dark green leaves, dark brown bark -- what's the difference? The amount of red. So the red deficient person might have a hard time seeing the differences. With the tinted lens on, they'll say 'ah, there's something different between the two.' Will they say 'that's green and that's brown?' Not necessarily. But now they see a difference," Dr. Schlanger explains.

"The good thing about Adventures in Color," Dr. Schlanger adds, "is that they customize the diameter of the tinted area on the contact lens. They can make it very close to the exact size of the patient's pupil." Dr. Schlanger is a former president of the Los Angeles County Optometric Society.

Adventures In Color Technology, based in Golden, Colo., provides eye care practitioners both in private practice and at teaching hospitals and universities throughout the world with custom created contact lenses.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 23, 2003
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