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L-carnitine for exercise and weight management.

With obesity on the rise, exercise and weight management are extremely hot topics. Consumers are looking for ways to get fit quickly and stay in shape. Carnipure can support consumers in their exercise and weight management programmes by optimizing performance, delaying the onset of fatigue and increasing fat oxidation.

What is Carnipure?

Carnipure is a special grade of L-carnitine manufactured by the Swiss life-science company, Lonza. Thanks to a unique production process based on fermentation, Lonza is the only L-carnitine manufacturer capable of producing L-carnitine in the same way as nature. Products carrying the Carnipure quality seal on the packaging show the consumer that they contain pure Lonza L-carnitine.

What is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is an essential nutrient in our body that plays an important role in energy metabolism. It transports long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria--the "furnaces" of the body's cells--where they are broken down and converted into energy. L-carnitine helps to supply energy to many organs in the body, such as the heart, muscles, liver and immune cells. The human body synthesizes about 20 milligrammes of L-carnitine per day with the help of several nutrients: amino acids (lysine and methionine), vitamins (C1 B3 and B6) and iron. A lack of any of these nutrients can impair the biosynthesis of L-carnitine. L-carnitine is naturally present in the human diet, particularly in red meat (lamb, venison and beef). Fish, poultry and milk contain smaller amounts, whereas foods of plant origin contain very little, if any, L-carnitine. A well-balanced, nonvegetarian diet provides about 100-300 mg of L-carnitine per day.


Health Benefits for Athletes and Active People

Extensive research has shown that supplementary Carnipure can play a beneficial role in many areas of health, including exercise and weight management, both of which are hot topics for today's consumers. Carnipure supplementation may benefit athletes and physically active people in many ways, including the following: optimization of performance; delayed onset of fatigue and improved recovery. Scientific evidence has shown that Carnipure can optimize performance by positively affecting VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during exercise in a set period of time. A study in endurance athletes has shown that L-carnitine supplementation decreases their respiratory quotient (RQ) during a 45-minute cycling exercise--indicating a glycogen sparing effect that is thought to lead to improved performance and delayed fatigue onset. Furthermore, Carnipure can decrease the production of free radicals, reduce tissue damage and lessen muscle soreness from exercise, so that recovery times are shortened and exercise can be resumed quickly. It is especially important for high performance athletes, such as triathletes, to consume enough L-carnitine; they have been shown to have lower than normal plasma levels of L-carnitine owing to increased excretion of L-carnitine via the kidneys and perspiration. This loss may lead to a decrease in the L-carnitine levels of active muscles, a deficit that may not always be rapidly replenished. This effect is more pronounced in vegetarian triathletes, as their diet provides only very small amounts of L-carnitine. Therefore, Carnipure supplementation should be considered.

Carnipure supplementation can also play a role in promoting a healthy body weight as part of a weight management programme that includes exercise and a reduced intake of calories. A study with obese adolescents showed that L-carnitine supplementation promoted significant weight loss and a decrease in both BMI and body fat content when used as a component of an overall weight management programme. A further study in obese adult subjects confirmed this effect. The subjects who received the supplementation had a 25% greater loss in body weight and a decrease in BMI of 1.5 points. Furthermore, total cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), blood sugar and blood pressure were significantly lower in those subjects receiving the supplementation. Studies performed in elderly and very old subjects showed that L-carnitine supplementation decreased total fat mass and increased total muscle mass.

Applications of Carnipure

Because of its efficacy, excellent safety profile and its suitability for processing, Carnipure can be integrated into various applications in the nutrition and food industries. Under the Carnipure brand, Lonza offers not only Carnipure crystalline, which is 100% L-carnitine, but also Carnipure tartrate, a non-hygroscopic alternative for liquid and solid applications. Both forms have excellent technological properties: they are bright white, stable at a wide range of pH and temperatures, highly water-soluble and they form colourless solutions. Within the food industry, the beverage sector has been taking the most advantage of the benefits that Carnipure can offer. It has been added to all kinds of drinks, including not only energy drinks, fruit juices and near waters, but also beverages meant for athletes and active people and those interested in maintaining a healthy body weight. The German company, Inkospor, has a whole product range including beverages, energy bars and tablets that contain Carnipure. Inkospor's Balance L-Carnitine, for example, is a refreshing drink that contains 1000 mg of Carnipure per 500 mL bottle. It is tailored for women who are active, health-conscious and interested in managing their weight. Under the brand, Isostar, the French company Nutrition et Sante has launched the Fitness L-Carnitine drink with 500 mg of Carnipure per 500 mL bottle. It is a drink meant for rehydration after exercise with the added fat-burning effect of Carnipure.


Carnipure at a Glance


* FDA-registered and ISO 9001:2000-certified production plant

* HACCP-certified

* No material of animal origin

* GMO-free

* Full traceability.


* Natural nutrient that is widely found in the human body and in food

* Self-affirmed GRAS status in the USA for Carnipure crystalline and Carnipure tartrate

* Allergen-free.

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