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L International Releases First Blueprints of Its Upcoming Personal Handheld Communicator Computer - The IDEE.

Portable Computing and Personal Communications to Be Revolutionized from Ground-up with New Conceptual Design

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- L International Computers Inc. "L" (Pink Sheets:LITL), a renowned manufacturer of high-performance computers and personal/business technologies, announced today the first specs of its upcoming new computer/ cell phone/ media center handheld device.

The L IDEeE[TM] skips several evolutionary generations of handheld computer and cell phone/ portable media designs, and represents the ultimate computing/ communications device world-premiering a radical new technological footprintCoas the world's fully portable high-performance PC, the IDEeE[TM].

From a similar evolution of Laptop computers as a transition from Desktop machines, the L IDEeE[TM] combines current market trends for portable audio and media players, with both the primary function of a fully programmable GSM cell phone based on Microsoft Windows Mobile or Symbian OS and a fully fledged personal computer capable of running multiple operating systems, including MS WindowsXP, Windows Vista 64bit edition, Liebermann Inc.'s upcoming LOS 64bit as well as other variants of Linux.

The IDEeE is a fully modular device designed from the ground up as a micro-sized PC that can be clustered and networked with external CPUs for workstation-class performance. Advancing the concept of the "only computer you need" allied to complex fingerprinting and advanced personal security features, the IDEeE[TM] frees users from the notion of a location fixed computer into one where your personal digital life is part of "what's in your pocket", anywhere, anytime.

More than just music on an MP3 player or your video on a portable video player, the IDEeE[TM] features a complete set of fully programmable and advanced media capabilities of any modern computer that is integrated in a versatile package with near universal connectivity including wireless WI-FI, Bluetooth and emerging Wireless USB connectivity.

Aside from it's full cell phone capabilities and PDA, the IDEeE[TM] features a PC class central processing unit and bus system that allows for real-time data processing of similar values to modern mainstream desktop/ laptop computer systems, aided by a collection of add-on (jackets) that directly dock to it for near endless expansion of features and capabilities, ranging from external raided PuRAM drives, optical drivers, micro video projection, HDTV receiver, multiple high-resolution DVI /VGA connectivity and more.

The IDEeE[TM] is the first portable full G3 wireless compliant device, that features a true HD CMOS capture device allied to a 3x optical zoom lens shooting both 5 Megapixel class still photos and full SD (640x480), HD (1280x720) and TrueHD (1920x1080) 30fps progressive video. Connected to a memory expansion jacket it provides up to 64 Gigs of media storage that can be transferred via USB 2 or Firewire 400/800 to any personal computer. The IDEeE[TM] can shoot, edit, stream and transmit high-resolution still and HD video content as a self-sustained package.

Additionally, a new breed of sophisticated multimedia Audio/Video applications to fully deploy its high-performance PC-class capabilities based on Open Source software platform, present developers and users a breakthrough concept of software as self-sustained single executables, expandable upon a execute command into the systems high-performance central main PuRAM Storage device.

The IDEeE[TM] is a dockable device, allowing directly connectivity for up to 3 high-resolution displays, mouse, keyboard, digital audio system, external mass storage and all standard PC connectivity interfaces. A set of single or multiple multi-core external CPU desktop jackets are available as network/clustering option, allowing the IDEeE[TM] to instantly behave as a high-end workstation-class personal computer for the most demanding data intensive environments.

Advanced versions of the product will allow direct streaming of video broadcasted to main TV Networks, web serving capabilities, high-end graphics/ video editing and audio recording/ mastering and editing, and full multimedia content creation as today can be done with a personal desktop/ laptop computer.

There is no internal hard disk on the IDEeE to both maximize battery life and reduce performance bottlenecks as its internal central storage will be based on L's PuRAM-GO devices, fully upgradeable and expandable with internal upgrades and/or external mass storage add-ion jackets. The ultra-low power consumption design features both a scrolling full cell phone numeric keypad as well as large qwerty keypad, and a dual display system; one touch-screen OLED display for basic phone use, A/V and PC capabilities, and a secondary internal foldable ultra-high-resolution OLED touch-screen for full featured multimedia that is HDTV compatible.

Additional add-on, external and dockable devices for the IDEeE are being negotiated as royalty-free standards for the rapid flourish of accessories and peripherals by leading worldwide hardware and electronics manufacturers in full support of the device and as a key profitable all new product line with limitless profits potential.

The IDEeE will be a device designed from ground up by "Reverse Engineering Negotiations." Instead of developing a product to then adapt and sell to markets, the IDEeE will be developed in close partnerships with those markets, for complete exclusivity and elimination of a post-production sales effort. By developing a product exclusively for their needs while absorbing all development costs and structure, Liebermann International then provides them with a turnkey solution that makes the product automatically pre-sold. This includes US and EU Government Agencies as a central and unified communications and personal electronic ID device, the US Military, US and International Mobile communications Service providers, Insurance and medical companies, etc.

IDEeE stands for idea, smart, brilliance, creativity and I.D. and will be available as a fully modular design from streamline to full-featured versions, in a standard, mini and Pro/ruggedized versions. It will be available as a major yearly upgrade aside from only regular automatic or manual update packs during each calendar year and a complete sales and recycling program will be made available for automatic renewal and sales of upgraded product versions.

About L International

Founded in 2002, L International Computers Inc. designs, manufactures, markets and distributes high-performance, opulent PC/Windows[c] laptop, desktop, workstation and server computers. The Company also produces the largest and most spectacular personal & professional visual displays as well as ultra-high performance software, peripherals and personal electronics technologies. L is positioned by the mainstream market not as "the computers you need," but "the technology you love," and by the high-end luxury and professional markets as the absolute and no-contest highest performance/upper-class hardware solutions provider, at any given price point. For more information, please visit

This press release may contain forward-looking statements which are pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that actual results may differ materially and all forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, risks associated with the Company's financial condition and prospects, risks associated with market acceptance and technological changes, risks associated with dependence on third party software providers, risks relating to international operations, and risks associated with competition.

For additional information and PR downloadable media, please visit L's PR website at or contact L's Media Helpline.
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Date:Sep 25, 2006
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