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L'Enfance de Krishna: Traduction des chapitres 30 a 78 (ed. cr.) du Harivamsa.

The author informs us in his preface that the work received its first impulse from a seminar on Krsna directed by Prof. Olivier Lacombe in 1972-73 and subsequent studies of the tenth book of the Bhagavata Purana under the guidance of Prof. A. M. Esnoul, who eventually became supervisor of his doctoral thesis, in which the focus shifted to the Krsna of the Harivamsa. The French translation of the text of chapters 30-78 is prefaced by a sixty-page essay, "Introduction to the Harivamsa," in which the author collects and sifts all information about the text and the history of the Harivamsa and offers a brief conspectus of the study of Krsna's infancy as narrated by the Harivamsa. The translation itself is careful, exact and readable; useful footnotes explain names, events and offer parallels. The eight-page bibliography lists text-editions, translations, secondary literature. The thirty-three-page glossary and mythological index explains Sanskrit terms and names and constitutes a useful tool to study the text translated in the body of the work. Considering the frequent references to plants in the Harivamsa, the three-page special index of plant-names is an additional benefit. In addition to translating the text of the chapters as it appears in the critical edition (first volume), Couture has also translated and asterisked portions and the sections relegated by the editors to the Appendix (for the benefit of readers not familiar with the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata it might be noted that the editors of the Harivamsa relegated over half of the traditional text of the Harivamsa to the appendices!). All in all we have here an exemplary work in the tradition of European Indological textual studies and we have to thank the author for the care and patience with which he has done his work.
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Author:Klostermaier, Klaus K.
Publication:The Journal of the American Oriental Society
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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