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Kyrgyzstan lawmakers assess their own job ahead of session end.

As parliament is preparing for the summer vacation, a number of MPscommented to AKIpress on the completing session. One parliament session lasts from September to June.

MP Iskhak Masaliyev said: "What have we done? We could not show our work to the people. It is perhaps because of the inefficient leadership of the parliament and heads of parliament committees. Parliament today is that body, which is most often criticized. At some point, we deserved that because we often ask irrelevant questions, but we will get better.

I would assess the job of the parliament satisfactory, because in the second half of the year, we showed a good job in relation to the Bishkek CHPP investigation. The principal position of the majority of the MPs played a big role. I would call it the parliament's waking up to solve the negative occurrences that we have in our society. I hope that the next 2 years we will show good job the voters can be proud of.

MP Saidulla Nyshanov said: "In comparison to the previous convocation, the level of MPs is increasingly higher. All the adopted laws were important and meaningful for the development of the country. The scandals were less than in the previous convocation. We started understanding the laws. Parliament works pretty well."

MP Torobai Zulpukarov: "There were historic events during this session. For the first time the parliament expressed no-confidence in the government and prosecutor general. Many political events took place this year. Parliament has always been criticized, but recently many experts started comparing the fifth convocation with the legendary convocation. I believe that the 6th convocation will also be given a high mark. The people will assess our job, but in my personal opinion, the work we've done this session is neither excellent, nor poor."

MP Kenjebek Bokoyev: "In 1 session we elected 2 governments, and the first government is in jail."

MP Almazbek Toktorov: "I think the lawmakers showed a good job in investigating the Bishkek CHPP corruption case. You can see the results. Laws that improve the works as part of the EAEU were brought in line with the legislation. I won't assess the job, but I think we did a good job. Maybe it's not seen very well, but we're working."

MP Kojobek Ryspayev: "The results of the parliament commission for the Bishkek CHPP modernization loan use were presented to the parliament. Apparently, it pushed the MPs, they seemed to be waken up. We worked with passion and very actively. And we will continue with this energy."

MP ALmambet Shykmamatov: "Parliament scored 3 out of 5, because when we had very important cases some of the MPs just buried their heads in the sand. 15 commissions to study corruption cases were created, but only 1 question was discussed a lot - TBEA. For instance, the question of Dachi SU village where the plane crashed was ignored." ??????? ??????? ???????? (????):

MP Evgeniya Strokova: "It can be called excellent, because it will never be excellent. We will always have problems to solve. For example, I was not able to push the law on pensions of teachers and doctors to their second and third readings."

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Publication:AKIpress Central Asian News Service
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Date:Jun 28, 2018
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