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Kyotango in Kyoto Pref. rejects nuclear power plant.

KYOTO, Feb. 10 Kyodo

The city of Kyotango in Kyoto Prefecture has effectively rejected a plan by Kansai Electric Power Co. to locate a nuclear power plant there, city officials said Friday.

Mayor Yasushi Nakayama, in a letter delivered Thursday, asked the Osaka-based major utility to retract its request for local agreement to launch an environmental assessment for locating a nuclear power plant in what is now Kyotango, the officials said.

Kansai Electric, Japan's second-largest power company, filed the request 31 years ago in May 1975 with the then town of Kumihama, now part of Kyotango.

In the letter, the mayor said he wants to put an end to a three-decade-long dispute among residents about whether or not to accept the nuclear power plant.

In Osaka, Kansai Electric said it would file a reply to the mayor's letter later.

The city of Kyotango was created in April 2004 through the merger of six towns in Kyoto Prefecture. With a population of about 64,700, the city faces the Sea of Japan and is located about 160 kilometers northwest of Kyoto City.

Among the six towns merged was Kumihama, which had received state subsidies given to municipalities hosting nuclear power plants. But the Kyotango city government did not seek such state funds in December 2005.

Nakayama said the city finds it difficult to gain consent from residents of the former towns other than Kumihama for Kansai Electric's plan.
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Publication:Japan Energy Scan
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Date:Feb 13, 2006
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