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Kyodo news summary.

TOKYO, Jan. 2 Kyodo

---------- World leaders, int'l organizations to hold emergency tsunami meeting

SINGAPORE - World leaders and officials from international organizations will gather for an emergency meeting in Jakarta on Thursday to discuss the earthquake and tsunami disaster in southern Asia that is estimated to have killed around 150,000 people, Singapore's Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

Leaders from all the 10 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will attend the meeting in the Indonesian capital.

---------- Sings of communicable disease seen in disaster region

GENEVA - Signs of communicable diseases have been seen in areas hit by last Sunday's massive earthquake and tsunamis in southern Asia, a senior World Health Organization official said Saturday.

''There are increasing reports of diarrhoeal disease outbreaks coming from displaced persons' settlements in Sri Lanka, in India,'' David Nabarro, head of crisis operations at the WTO, told reporters.

---------- Annan to attend tsunami aid summit in Jakarta on Thurs.

NEW YORK - U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan will attend an emergency international aid conference to be held in Jakarta on Thursday in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunamis that killed close to 150,000 people in southern Asia, according to Reuters and other media reports.

Annan is expected to ask the international community to provide more aid to the victims of the disaster.

---------- Emperor greets people, crown princess takes part

TOKYO - Emperor Akihito offered his annual New Year's greetings to well-wishers who gathered at the Imperial Place on Sunday.

''I am truly pleased to celebrate the New Year with you,'' the emperor said in a speech from the balcony of the Chowaden Palace. ''I wish happiness and peace in our country as well as the whole world.''

---------- EU takes negative stance on U.S.-centered aid to tsunami disaster

GENEVA - The health minister of Luxembourg, whose country holds the presidency of the European Union, indicated Saturday that the European Union disapproves of a U.S. proposal to create a ''core group'' to coordinate relief to Asian countries hit by the massive earthquake and tsunamis last week.

Luxembourg Health and Social Security Minister Mars di Bartolomeo, speaking at the World Health Organization headquarters, said that the United Nations should play the central role in providing relief aid to the disaster-hit areas.

---------- Britain mulled ways to anglicize Japan's royal family

LONDON - British officials, concerned about how Japan's royal family was developing after World War II, examined ways in 1954 of molding the institution along the lines of its own monarchy, according to government files released Sunday at the National Archives in London.

While supporting the postwar Constitution, which shifted sovereignty from Emperor Hirohito to the people, officials believed the United States and Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida had not given enough thought to how the monarchy should function, and its role was hazy.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Jan 10, 2005
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